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Fight Infections: 5 All-Natural Products You Should Use To Keep Clean & Safe

Fight Infections: 5 All-Natural Products You Should Use To Keep Clean & Safe

Corona has us all concerned. But we can’t be wasteful, or inefficient with our preparations. Whether you frequent crowded places or have a cough, these products need to be in your bag at all times.

With the outbreak of Coronavirus (aka Covid-19) and the innumerable advisories on how to protect ourselves from infections, the need to maintain hygiene has become paramount. Simple precautionary measures can keep you safe from infections and we bring to you a list of all-natural essentials that will keep bacteria and viruses away.

1. Waterless Shampoo and Body Bath

clenstra waterless bath
Clensta Waterless Body Bath- Order Now.

Travelling becomes especially challenging in the flu season but one must maintain basic hygiene to keep away disease-carrying germs. One amazing solution for this? Waterless body bath and shampoo! The brand Clensta, makes paraben-free bath products that can be used without water. “Clensta Personal Hygiene Products(FDA Approved India) are scientifically engineered formulations with chlorhexidine that kills 99.99 per cent microbes within 30-60 secs with 24 hrs protection. Sodium benzoate, citric acid, and dehydroabietic acid are known virucidal, antibacterial, and antifungal agents,” the team tells The Better India (TBI).

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2. Antibacterial Soaps to Wash Away Harmful Bacteria

natural flu prevention
Neem & Lemon Antibacterial Soap- Order Now.

Experts have been stressing on the importance of washing your hands regularly to avoid catching Coronavirus. Irrespective of whether it is the flu season or not, it is important to wash hands before and after meals, after going to the washroom and upon returning from a public areas.

In a time when every cough or sneeze around you rings alarm bells in your ears, it is a great idea to keep your own soap handy to avoid indirect contact with strangers sharing workplace washrooms. Make sure your soap is antibacterial for extra protection.

3. Tissue Paper to Avoid Spreading the Virus

natural flu prevention
Bamboo Tissue- Order Now.

Your safety is just as important as the safety of others around you. If the season change has you coughing or sneezing through the day, keep a box of eco-friendly tissues handy. Make it a point to cough and sneeze in the tissues only and dispose of them immediately. Don’t let your health condition scare your colleagues, friends or even strangers. These bamboo tissues will keep viruses from spreading while also costing fewer resources to the planet. Follow this link to get a box of them now!

4. Sanitisers Are a Must This Flu Season

natural flu prevention
Natural Hand Sanitiser- Order Now.

Keeping a sanitiser handy is a good precautionary measure to avoid infections in general. The stocks of alcohol-based sanitisers have already been raided from local supermarkets. Don’t worry. You still have natural sanitisers to keep you safe. Make sure you use them when necessary but don’t overdo it. Washing hands with antibacterial soap should always be your priority but for times when you don’t have water around, use these sanitisers to protect yourself from bacteria and viruses.

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5. Masks That Protect From Infections

natural flu prevention masks
Reusable Kalamkari Mask- Order Now.

If you frequent crowded places or are coughing or sneezing, make sure you wear a mask. If your mask has a metal strip, adjust it on the bridge of your nose firmly and pull the strings on the mask behind your ears. Make sure the mask covers your nose, mouth and chin. Also, ensure that you touch only the strings while putting on and removing the mask.

In these times of anxiety and fear, let’s think of others too. Please do not purchase more than you require, be it masks, sanitisers or tissues. The stocks are getting over from markets, so let’s leave enough for others.

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(Edited by Saiqua Sultan)

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