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Ace Your Exams: 5 Brain Foods That Improve Memory & Concentration!

Ace Your Exams: 5 Brain Foods That Improve Memory & Concentration!

With the exams around the corner, it's time to add all the right nutrients and vitamins in your diet.

The pressure is real when you’re struggling with exam stress and you have a mountain of a syllabus to cover. With exam fever raging through your system and the occasional calls from your friends and relatives, you’re probably looking for something to calm your nerves. Well, instead of pulling an all-nighter for your exams, let nature’s bounties help you out.

Here’s a list of six life-changing brain foods that’ll keep your brain active and will boost your memory and concentration.

1. It’s Time To Go ‘Nuts’

With the exams around the corner, it’s time to bring a lot of changes to your diet and this should start with the in-between snack breaks. Yes, you heard that right. This study proved that including healthy snack breaks in between your study schedule can charge your brain and keep it active throughout the day. Including almonds, cashews, walnuts along with cereal or opting for natural trail mixes can bring about a huge change because the polyunsaturated fats, vitamins and minerals and phytonutrients in nuts contribute to your brain health.

2. Honey Is Sweeter Than You Think

Apart from its antifungal properties and its ability to aid in digestion, honey is also known to benefit memory and concentration. It was proven that ‘raw honey possesses antidepressant effects and improves the oxidative status of the brain. Other studies have also stated that polyphenols found in honey have ‘neuroprotective and nootropic effect’ which protects your nervous system and can enhance your memory and improve cognitive functions.

3. Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds which are rich in antioxidants are a great addition to your snack bowl. The presence of antioxidants in them ensures that your brain is protected from free radical damage.

Pumpkin seeds are also rich in Zinc, Magnesium, Iron and Copper which are essential for your nervous system and your brain health. While copper is essential for controlling nerve signal, magnesium helps in enhanced memory power.

4. Green Tea

Considered as one of the healthiest beverages, green tea contains a lot more than just caffeine. The amino acids in green tea can cross the blood-brain barrier and can also increase the dopamine production, therefore, decreases the effects of anxiety while the caffeine content acts as a stimulant.

5. Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is a powerhouse of antioxidants and protects our brain cells against free radicals which are unstable atoms that can destroy these cells leading to a range of chronic diseases. Cocoa improves brain function by increasing blood flow and has stimulants like theobromine. So a bite of dark chocolate every day and during revising for your exams can help boost your memory and concentration.

6. Stay Hydrated & Sleep Well

Besides adding changes to your food routines, two important things to remember throughout is to stay hydrated at all times and get enough sleep. Rather than pulling an all-nighter, try to make the most of the day time. This will keep refreshed and energised in time for the exam.

Try out these tips and do let us know if they worked for you! And all the best for your exams!

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(Edited by Saiqua Sultan)

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