In a First, The Better India Invites Every One To Its All-Hands Meeting. That Includes You!

Your opinions, questions and feedback have always had a significant influence on us, and we would like to continue developing this relationship.

At The Better India (TBI), we have always prided ourselves in being open and transparent about our methods, our long-term goals and our daily efforts to inspire large-scale impact in society.

One regular outcome of this ideology has been our ‘all hands’ meetings. For those who may not know, these are business meetings where Dhimant, the CEO, shares with every employee at the company, the various successes (and any setbacks) the platform has had since the last meeting.

With jokes and free-flowing observations mixed in, everyone gets to see what each function in the company does and share in the successes that we all, in one way or the other, helped achieve.

Interestingly, though ‘all hands’ meetings are common in most companies, usually these are privately held behind closed doors and witnessed by very few. The employees, obviously, and, perhaps, shareholders and some select customers.

Rather than sticking to this well established ‘we’ll do the talking’ approach, we have decided to instead continue with our ‘let’s all talk’ policy.

And by all, we do mean ALL – including any of you, who are reading this.

(TL:DR: We welcome you to join the live stream of our ‘all hands’ at 3 PM IST, 6 March. You can sign up for a slot here. )

Our ‘Let’s All Talk’ Policy

This is an idea that few seem to have tried (we couldn’t think of any off the top of our heads). So TBI is one of the first to have such a meeting, in India at least.

There is a tendency among companies to shy away from opening themselves up to public scrutiny and letting people outside of their tight circles get to know them better. Even ardent fans of a company rarely get to know how those companies were built, how decisions are taken, and what people at the company are working towards.

What normally comes out are well-edited and glossy press releases that tell the outside world just what they need to know from a brand image standpoint, nothing more and nothing less.

We believe that companies are like people. Yes, they have their pimples and warts, which can be hidden using concealers, but do we really need to do that?

Why not be genuine and real, and admit we have our flaws and limitations, but we also have a purpose and reason for existence, and we are trying to achieve them every single day?

Why not involve more and more people in problem-solving, since we (the 100 team members at present) do not have all the answers? All our readers, supporters, fans, critics, customers, partners – you all have amazing ideas and we look forward to always enlisting your help to continue to create more impact and awareness.

So, in the spirit of being open – to interest, ideas and feedback, – we welcome you to join the live stream of our ‘all hands’ at 3 PM IST, 6 March. You can sign up for a slot here.

Please note: This is a virtual meeting, so please join us online. Though we would love to have all of you here, we lack the means to host a real-life gathering of a large size. So please, register, log on and participate in the live broadcast.

We Give You All a Special Invitation!

We also want to give a special shoutout to our long-time readers. Many of you have been with us for nearly 11 years now!.

You have been the bedrock upon which we have built so much. And though this is the first time we have had the opportunity to make such a direct connection with you all simultaneously, we have felt your support at all times.

Your opinions, questions and feedback have always had a significant influence on us. We would like to continue developing this relationship.

We give you all a special invitation to please join us for this meeting, so you can hear the thoughts and see the faces and smiles of those you have supported for so long.

Hope to see you there.

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