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3 Reasons Why Natural Liquid Dishwash Wins Over Toxic Bar Soaps

3 Reasons Why Natural Liquid Dishwash Wins Over Toxic Bar Soaps

There's a never-ending debate on whether to opt for natural liquids or bar soaps. Here's why natural dishwash liquid should be your first option.

When it comes to washing your plates, there’s always a never-ending debate on whether to choose a bar soap or a liquid soap. Although bar soaps have been around for the longest time, liquid soaps have gained popularity in recent years for their ease of use and hygiene.

To end this debate, we decided to bring in the ‘non-toxic factor’ into the picture.

Here are a few reasons why we think you should opt for a natural liquid dishwash soap over a toxin-based dishwash bar:


The drying effect that dishwash bars leave on your skin is mainly because of chemicals like sodium carbonate and phosphates. The residue of these chemicals remains on your skin causing irritation and skin problems. This study proved that the toxin-based ingredients present in these bar soaps can cause permanent skin problems like dermatitis, eczema and itchy rashes.

Most of these dish cleaners also use artificial colours made of petroleum products which are non-biodegradable and stay in the environment for a very long time. These chemicals present in the dish soaps are also the reason behind its low pH value.

Hygienic & Easy To Use
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One of the most important reasons why people have started opting for natural dish cleaners is because it is less messier as compared to soap bars and is very easy to use. The bottled liquid wash stops the transfer of bacteria from our hands to the dishes we use. This ensures that the presence of bacteria is very less and there is no intake of germs through our food as well.


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When compared to regular liquid dishwash soaps, it is much better to opt for eco-friendly and organic liquid soaps that are safe for your health and the planet.

This dishwash liquid is made from 4th generation compounds that are completely natural and do not disrupt the pH level of the water bodies and are pet and baby-friendly. They are safe for the skin, and unlike other compounds, do not cause any health problems.

Extracted from sugarcane, coconut and palm, the liquid is made from plant-based surfactants, enzymes that are derived naturally and CMC (cellulose) all in a citrus fragrance. These ingredients are completely natural, safe and biodegradable.

The plant-based surfactants loosen the tough stains on your fabrics while the CMC (cellulose) ensures that the dirt detached from the clothes remains in the water rather than attaching to the fabric again, all the while giving the clothes a pleasant citrus fragrance.

Switching to these bacteria-based cleaners means that you’re saving our water bodies from dying a slow death and saving yourself from consuming harmful chemicals.

Are you looking for reliable, planet-friendly cleaners? Well, they are now just a click away. Your laundry, dishwashing, floor and toilet cleaning is all set to become safe. Follow this link to know more.

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