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3 Reasons Why The Chemicals In Your Detergents Are Harmful To Babies

From their clothes to food, we're very keen on checking everything our baby is exposed to. But what about the detergents that we use?

3 Reasons Why The Chemicals In Your Detergents Are Harmful To Babies

From their clothes to the food, we are all very keen to scrutinise every single thing our babies are exposed to. But what about the detergents we use? Sure they might make our smell good, but are these toxic detergents safe for your baby? A majority of these detergents leave residue on the baby’s skin that can cause itching, irritation in the eyes and even breathing difficulties.

Here’s why we think it’s important to switch to natural and toxin-free detergents which are safe for your babies.

1. Synthetic Fragrances

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In the initial stages of growth, children have mild, soft and sensitive respiratory systems which are often overlooked. The harsh detergents that we use in their clothes use synthetic fragrances that contain hormone-disrupting phthalates and can even lead to uneven breathing and asthma. Meanwhile, organic alternatives use natural fragrances which are milder and good for your baby. And unlike other laundry liquids and detergents, this does not contain any phosphates or bleach and keeps the PH value of water neutral.

2. Skin Rashes and Allergies

Usual detergents contain harmful chemical irritants like Potassium hydroxide phosphates. These harmful alkaline substances can penetrate into the soft tissues and skin causing skin rashes. The toxic chemicals in the laundry detergents can even cause eye irritation besides skin problems which can magnify if your baby already has skin allergies. And since the skin is porous and the chances of toxic chemicals percolating deep inside cannot be avoided.

3. What If They Swallow the Detergent?

Intake of even small amounts of detergents can cause throat burning, nausea and vomiting for children. Severe outcomes, such as chemical burns and swelling of the throat, food pipe, and stomach can also result from swallowing of detergent. With so many harmful effects, it is safer to opt for a natural laundry wash that is safe and non-toxic.

The Better Laundry Wash

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Extracted from sugarcane, coconut and palm, this natural laundry liquid is made from plant-based surfactants and enzymes that are derived naturally and CMC (cellulose) – all in a citrus fragrance.

The plant-based surfactants loosen tough stains on the fabric while the CMC (cellulose) ensures that the detached dirt remains in the water, all while giving clothes a pleasant citrus fragrance.

This laundry wash is also completely biodegradable and the wastewater post-laundry can even be used to water your plants.

You can use around 30 ml (6 capfuls) for a regular wash and 45 ml (9 capfuls) for a heavy wash. The wastewater generated from the laundry degrades into simple components and won’t cause any harm to our water bodies.

The best part about this laundry wash is that it can be used for all your clothes alike. This means you don’t have to opt for a separate baby clothes detergent and wash it all together with this enzyme-based laundry wash!

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(Edited by Saiqua Sultan)

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