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Suffering From Type-2 Diabetes? This Doctor’s All-Natural ‘Insulin’ Powder Can Help

“After using the powder, sugar levels have dropped in just 20 days for our customers," he says, referring to a plant the locals call 'insulin plant'.

Dr Devesh Gour started Ayura Origins in 2002 with a 20-acre farm in the foothills of Kodaikanal. After taking voluntary retirement from Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR ) where he worked as a Senior Scientist, Dr Gour started experimenting with herbs and finding their unique medicinal properties. It was during one such experiment in 2005 that he found that ‘Costus Igneus’, a plant from the ginger family could help those struggling with type-2 diabetes.

Being a diabetes patient himself, Dr Gour conducted extensive research on the plant for months and finally created a powdered form of the plant.

Dr Devesh Gour

This study proved that the plant’s amazing medicinal property helps revive the beta cells in the pancreas, improves blood sugar detection and promotes the production of natural insulin.

This powder has worked wonders and stabilised blood sugar levels for many type-2 diabetes patients.

Today, Ayura Origins has grown to be one of the largest cultivators of the Costus Igneus plant and the powdered form of the plant—‘Nature’s Diabetes Fix’,—developed by the brand is helping type-2 diabetes patients across the world.

How to Use the Medicine

The ‘Nature’s Diabetes Fix’ (Costus Igneus powder) must be mixed with water and taken twice every day—ideally at 11 in the morning and 4 in the evening. This can help control sugar spikes and the results are visible in a span of just 20 days.

“Many of our customers have said that they have been alleviated of type 2 diabetes completely in just 6 months,” says Vikram Gour, co-director of Ayura Origins.

The Costus Igneus Plantation

“When you use herbs from nature to cure your ailments, the changes that come about are truly amazing. After using the powder, sugar levels have immensely reduced in just 6-8 months for our customers. They won’t have to use the product after that. That’s the happiest moment for us, the day our customer discontinues the product. A lot of them have reverted thanking us for this ‘miracle product’,” says Vikram.

We got in touch with Dr Rita Bhardwaj, a dietician based in Mumbai regarding the benefits of Costus Igneus. “The Costus Igneus plant has been scientifically proven to reduce blood sugar levels and has been effective for many patients struggling with type-2 diabetes.”

Happy Customers

Balbir Anand, a resident of Canada had been struggling with type-2 diabetes for almost 25 years before he started using the Costus Igneus powder.

“My doctor wanted to put me on insulin injections because my sugar readings were above 350 but I avoided the injections and I stuck to taking Nature’s Diabetes Fix. Today my reading has come down to 105 – 106. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for this miracle powder,” says Balbir.

Along with the ‘Costus Igneus’ powder, Ayura origins has also created a ‘Nature’s Sugar & Weight Fix’ which is made from mango leaf powder which has the ability to prevent glycogen from breaking down into glucose. This reduces the amount of glucose going into the bloodstreams and reduces the impact of sugar on the body.

“We all take in some amount of carbohydrates every day, knowingly or unknowingly. For diabetes patients, this is a very serious concern. But when you consume this mango leaf powder once every day, the carbohydrates won’t break down into glucose and you can have a more relaxed diet,” says Vikram.

Furthermore, the brand ensures that the concept of natural wellness is embodied in each of its products and for the same reason, all of its products are natural and free from toxins.

“By the term ‘natural wellness’, we mean that nature has solutions for all sorts of illnesses. If we continuously take in solutions from nature, we can soon be immune to chronic diseases. All our products are completely natural and there are no artificial elements added,” adds Vikram

Women worker at the Ayura Origins Farm

Ayura Origins employs farmers and underprivileged women from nearby localities and empowers them with a regular source of earning.

“All the raw materials we use are also sourced locally or grown in our own farms. Thus, we can assure that all the products are organic and there has been no use of pesticides or fertilisers on them,” explains Vikram.

Besides diabetes, the brand also provides solutions for kidney care, cholesterol, hypertension, haemoglobin and weight loss with all ingredients derived from nature.

Disclaimer: We urge you to consult a doctor before including any Herbal/Ayurvedic supplements in your daily routine.

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(Edited By Saiqua Sultan)

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