With Rs 600 & One Meal a Day, You Can Make Your Food Iron-Rich!

anaemia iron cookware

1 in 4 men and 1 in every 2 women suffer from iron deficiency anaemia. And it takes just one skillet to change that.

In India, 69 per cent of children (age 0-3 years), 57 per cent females and 24 per cent males reportedly have iron-deficiency anaemia.

But, as it turns out, tackling this deficiency is quite easy. The first step you can take is to invest just Rs 600 and replace some of your stainless steel utensils with an iron skillet. One meal a day, cooked in the iron cookware can ensure a healthy dose of the vital mineral in your diet.

Let’s have a look at how anaemia affects us and how iron skillets can help.

Symptoms, victims and causes for anaemia:

anaemia iron cookware

There are three different groups and 400 different types of anaemia.

One of the most common among them is the iron-deficiency anaemia which, as the name suggests, is caused due to inadequate iron in your body.

More than half of the female population in India suffers from the condition—far more than the male population— for the simple reason that girls and women menstruate. The monthly blood loss contributes to iron deficiency, and so, it becomes more critical for women to ensure their diet compensates for the lost iron.

Common symptoms to look out for are frequent feeling of fatigue, headaches, shortness of breath, cramps in legs, insomnia, low concentration and in extreme cases, pale or yellow skin.

For further details on the condition, click here.

How strong is the iron fist of a skillet?

anaemia iron cookware

The recommended daily iron intake for an adult male is 8 mg while for an adult female, it is 18 mg. Because more than half of Indian women and nearly one-quarter of men suffer from anaemia, we must reconsider our cooking and dieting habits.

One easy step towards achieving our ideal iron intake is to cook in iron skillets or pans.

Depending on the food you cook in it, iron cookware is known to add between 2 to 6 mg of iron/100 gm of cooked food. For an adult male, that’s almost his entire ideal iron intake. If you cook iron-rich meals in the skillet or add them raw to your diet, it should be easy to meet the recommended amount.

Another plus point here is that iron skillets are quite affordable. With an investment of Rs 600 or less, you can ensure you get healthy doses of iron daily. Imagine the number and expenses of doctor’s visits, check-ups and supplements you’ll avoid!

Make your cookware nutritious and iron-strong. Click here to buy your choice of iron skillets, pans or tawa at an affordable price.

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(Edited by Gayatri Mishra)

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