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Check Your Labels: 5 Harmful Chemicals In Dishwash Liquid Damaging Your Skin

Check Your Labels: 5 Harmful Chemicals In Dishwash Liquid Damaging Your Skin

If your hands are getting itchier by the day, take a look at the label on your dishwash liquid. The harmful chemicals in it are causing more damage to your skin than you think!

Do you feel your hands drying up after washing your dishes with a little bit of the yellow liquid soap? Well, it’s not just you. This study proved that the toxin-based ingredients present in most popular detergents and dishwash liquids can cause permanent skin problems like dermatitis, eczema and itchy rashes.

The use of a strong soap can cause your skin to react to the foreign material. Apart from this, if the dishwash liquid is not washed off of your hands properly, the residue remains on your skin and can cause irritation.

We looked closer at the ingredients in these cleaning products and we found 5 harmful chemicals that may be causing you permanent skin damage:

Formaldehyde: This poisonous chemical can be found in your detergents in the form of methanol, methyl aldehyde and methylene oxide. This known carcinogen is added to detergents and liquid soaps along with preservatives to eliminate bacteria.

Phosphates: Often used as water-softening minerals in dishwashing soaps and detergents, phosphates are highly poisonous for both marine life and humans alike. They are also one of the major pollutants found in our water bodies. They can deplete oxygen levels and promote the growth of certain algae which are toxic to consume and can even cause the toxic foamy layers on lakes to burst into flames

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SLS (Sodium Laureth Sulphate): This chemical creates the foam in your detergents and liquid dishwash soaps. Although the bubbles look nice and fun to play with, this ingredient is one of the main reasons for the drying up of skin, itching and rashes.

Triclosan: This synthetic ingredient is what turns a detergent or a dishwash liquid into ‘anti-bacterial’ and ‘anti-fungal’. In reality, triclosan kills good bacteria in the environment. This chemical accumulates in our body causing hormonal and endocrine problems.

Ammonia: Ammonia is found in small amounts in dishwashing liquids and when combined with bleach produces fumes that are extremely damaging to the eyes and the skin. Coming in contact with ammonia must be avoided at all costs.

An experiment was conducted to get a better understanding of the effects of these dishwashing liquids. This study asked 18 volunteers to soak their hands in dishwash liquid solution for some time every day, with one hand unprotected and the other protected with a rubber glove. After 2 weeks, 13 of the 18 volunteers’ unprotected hands showed signs of dryness, itching, redness and scaling. There was also a loss of moisture content in their skin. The study concluded that regular exposure to these chemical-based detergents and dishwashing liquids can cause permanent skin damage.

The Solution

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The only solution to these problems is to opt for toxin-free dishwash liquids that are not harmful to the skin and the environment. This range of cleaners is made from 4th generation compounds that are completely natural and do not disrupt the pH level of the water bodies and are pet and baby-friendly. They are safe for the skin, and unlike other compounds, do not cause any health problems.

Switching to these bacteria-based cleaners means that you’re saving our water bodies from dying a slow death and saving yourself from consuming harmful chemicals.

Are you looking for reliable, planet-friendly cleaners? Well, they are now just a click away. Your laundry, dishwashing, floor and toilet cleaning is all set to get safe. Follow this link to know more.

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(Edited by Saiqua Sultan)

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