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When Alcohol Flowed Through Kerala Taps: Here’s Why This Fun Story Should Scare You

What better example do you need to change what you pour down the drain? And we have the perfect solution as well

When Alcohol Flowed Through Kerala Taps: Here’s Why This Fun Story Should Scare You

Two weeks ago, the residents of Solomon’s Avenue Apartment Complex in Chalakuddy, Kerala got the shock of their lives when they found alcohol flowing through their taps! The residents first thought it was a drainage issue, but upon analysing the brownish liquid, they realised that it was a mix of beer, whisky and rum.

When they approached the municipality authorities, the reason behind this mystery was traced back to an excise department operation.

The team had seized alcohol in a bar and dumped more than 6,000 litres of the seized liquor into a pit, unaware that it would flow into the nearby well.

With a large number of the residents being senior citizens and families with young children, this incident could have caused some major repercussions.

This made us wonder: if the alcohol came back into the households from the soil, isn’t this happening to us every day with the harmful chemicals we dispose of into our drains?

When we flush down harmful toilet cleaners or use toxic drain cleaners, it goes straight into the septic systems. But this study proved that ‘septic systems do not address contaminants other than microbes. Hence, they allow nitrogen and household chemicals that are improperly disposed of down the drain to discharge to groundwater.’

This means that the water we use every day contains particles from our toxic household products. This could include your dishwash liquid, your detergent and your floor and toilet cleaners.

That’s a lot of chemicals!

What Do These Chemicals in Home Cleaners Do To You?

The chemicals mainly consists of first-generation compounds like phenyl, which is derived from carbolic acid. In contrast, dishwash liquids and detergents primarily include phosphates and chlorine-based bleaching agents.

Exposure to these chemicals can cause pulmonary oedema, burns, itching sensations and due to the exposure to phosphates, the water flowing through our taps turn hard, leaving deposits on our skin, causing it to dry.

What’s The Solution?


Recently studies have discovered that fourth-generation compounds like enzymes and ‘good’ bacteria can be used in cleaners as an eco-friendly alternative.

These compounds do not disrupt the pH level of the water bodies and are pet and baby-friendly. They are safe for the skin, and unlike other compounds, it does not cause any health problems.

The bacteria used in these home cleaners are isolated from nature and releases enzymes that help in the cleaning of surfaces. Various species of bacteria are brought together to act on the dirt, grease and stains on surfaces such as your floors, toilet bowls, basins etc.

You can also use the wastewater after cleaning to water your plants (it is beneficial to the plants because of the good bacteria) or pour it out into your bathroom drain to help with clogging.

The bacteria present in these cleaners secrete enzymes and degrades organic compounds like uric acid and ammonia that leads to the germs and odour in toilets.

Switching to these bacteria-based home cleaners means that you’re saving our water bodies from being polluted and saving yourself from consuming harmful chemicals.

Are you looking for reliable, planet-friendly cleaners? Well, they are now just a click away. Your laundry, dishwashing, floor and toilet cleaning is all set to get safe. Follow this link to know more.

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(Edited by Gayatri Mishra)

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