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Germ Tech to Ingredients: Here’s How This Toilet Cleaner Is Better For us All

Germ Tech to Ingredients: Here’s How This Toilet Cleaner Is Better For us All

The water-based toilet cleaner also releases no toxic fumes. Say goodbye to skin allergies and respiratory ailments!

Made with a lot of thought and love for humanity and our planet at large, The Better Home Toilet Cleaner commands you to try it out at least once to guarantee that it delivers what it claims.

We spoke to Kedar Kulkarni, a Pune-based biotechnologist, about the technology used in the making of this product, and he begins by informing us that unlike other acid-based and alkaline-based cleaners, this is the only pH-neutral toilet cleaner available in the country at the moment.

“It is 100 per cent biodegradable, eco-friendly and non-toxic for the user as well as the environment,” he adds.

As for the ingredients used in the product? They’re completely natural.

The main ingredients are non pathogenic microorganisms (known as bacteria) and bio-active natural surfactants, among others such as fatty acid amines and citric acid.

On the role of the main ingredients, Kulkarni says:

“When the bacteria come into contact with the organic waste, for example, on your western commode, they feed on the waste to give you the cleaning effect. Whereas the biodegradable surfactants loosen up all the dust and grime that settle on the floor.”

The USP of these water-based toilet cleaners is that they can be used to clean any part of the washroom; from the toilet bowl, toilet seat, to the floors, the washbasin, to even the faucets and fixtures. In fact, the active microbes in these cleaners continue to clean the drainage systems long after flushing; they’re that effective.

As mentioned earlier, this cleaner is completely safe for your home. There are no toxic fumes released, which removes any chances of watery eyes, skin allergies or respiratory discomfort.

Additionally, as opposed to the acid and alkaline-based cleaners available in the market, the wastewater generated doesn’t disturb the delicate ecological balance of our water bodies.

the better home

Each bottle is designed to bring you the best experience and can be refilled using refill pouches (you can order those separately, and after you’ve emptied them into your bottle, you can send the pouches back for recycling) without creating any waste. The toilet cleaner comes as part of the complete home care cleaning kit which also contains a laundry liquid, a dishwashing liquid and a floor cleaner.

So, if you’re looking ready to make the switch, and tackle the odour, germs and stains in your toilet without having any harm done to you or the planet, The Better Home Toilet Cleaner cannot be recommended enough.

Buy it here.

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(Edited by Gayatri Mishra)

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