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This Natural Post-Bath Routine Keeps Your Baby Happy & Relaxed in Just 4 Steps

This Natural Post-Bath Routine Keeps Your Baby Happy & Relaxed in Just 4 Steps

Don’t forget, such routines can also give your little one a good night’s sleep!

So you’ve bathed your baby from head to toe and your little one is squeaky-clean! At this point, you’ve powered through the bubble bath and the water-splashing and you’re probably drenched in water. But before you head over to get the pyjamas, there’s a teeny-tiny post-bath routine that you should definitely follow! This routine can keep your baby’s skin healthy, soft and supple and even give your cutie a good night’s sleep.

Before you start with the routine, remember to keep all the stuff you need within your reach. It would also be a good idea to dim the lights and keep the noise levels at a bare minimum. This will relax your baby and ready for sleep.

1. Dry Baby, Happy Baby

The first and most important step is to dry off your baby as soon as possible. Babies tend to lose body heat faster than adults, so briskly dry off their head and their body before they catch a cold. Remember to look out for creases and folds on their body so that there’s no room for moisture to get trapped which could lead to rashes. Once you’re done with the immediate drying off, wrap them well in a towel, preferably in a bamboo towel since it’s softer and won’t damage the baby’s skin in any way.

2. Moisturise and Repeat

To keep your baby’s skin hydrated you need to lock in the water. Moisturising your baby’s skin right after the shower will keep it soft, supple and far away from rashes and dryness. Opt for a natural moisturiser that is fragrance-free with ingredients like aloe vera and almond or you could even try out a natural body butter. This will keep the skin healthy and completely free of chemicals post-bath. If your baby is prone to diaper rashes, use a natural cream specifically for that.

3. Mini Manicures

The best time to clip your baby’s nails is post-bath when they are soft and easy to cut. This can be done on a weekly basis to keep your baby safe from scratches and bruises. If you’re scared to use a baby nail cutter, you can use a nail file to chisel off the overgrown bits.

4. Diaper Up and Massage

Once you’re done with the mani-pedi, you can go ahead and diaper up your baby in a soft cloth diaper so that your baby doesn’t have to face any irritation during the night. When your baby is all set, it’s time for the massage. Before you get started, make sure the room is warm enough. Using a natural baby massage lotion, softly massage your baby’s skin from head to toe. This will help increase their blood circulation and will also make a great bonding activity with your baby before you head off to bed.

Now you can go ahead and put your little one in their favourite pyjamas and you’re good to go!

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(Edited by Saiqua Sultan)

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