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Hair Problems? 10 All-Natural Organic Shampoos to Help You Get That Healthy Mane

Your crowning glory deserves nothing but the best. Why expose it to toxic chemicals? #LiveGreen

Hair Problems? 10 All-Natural Organic Shampoos to Help You Get That Healthy Mane

A beautiful, healthy mane is probably on everyone’s wish-list across genders of all age groups. While a lot of factors such as genes and your lifestyle play an essential role in the quality of your hair, external factors such as hair-care products play a vital part too.

From organic shampoos to vegan bars and powder hair cleansers, we bring you the best of the best that you can choose from according to your requirements and needs. We promise you will find just the right one for your hair in this list curated with a lot of thought:

1. Argan Luscious Locks Organic Shampoo

natural shampoo

Packed full of potent ingredients such as camellia oil, argan oil, green tea extract, and wheat germ extract, this shampoo from Mirah Bella fights to give you strong, luscious hair. Made using only natural ingredients, and not tested on animals, this shampoo is fully safe for you and the environment.

2. Cypress Hemp Oil Organic Shampoo Butter

natural shampoo

If you’ve never used shampoo butter, this one’s for you!

Great for tackling dandruff and flaky scalp, this shampoo butter from Rustic Art is innovative, luxurious and a scientifically advanced answer to all your hair care woes. It is made with rich essential oils, vegetable oils and glycerin that cleanses, hydrates and moisturises the scalp. It’s completely toxin-free, vegan and cruelty-free.

3. Slay with Clay – Vegan and Organic Shampoo Bar

natural shampoo

Organic shampoos are amazing, but have you ever tried one that comes in the form of a bar? Made using natural ingredients such as peppermint and patchouli, this shampoo bar from The Switch Fix not only leaves the hair and scalp feeling nourished but also smells amazing. What’s more, it’s packaged and shipped entirely plastic-free. It’s a great pick if you’re an avid traveller too.

4. Herbal Shampoo

natural shampoo

This one is a traditional herbal shampoo from Native Circle. Made with excellent cleansers such as soapnut and shikakai; useful antimicrobials such as neem and tulsi and deep conditioners such as brahmi and aloe vera—you can bet your money on it without regrets. Consistent use will give you thick, healthy and shiny hair, we promise.

5. Hydrating Shampoo

natural shampoo

Made with a gentle coconut-derived cleansing base enriched with natural essential oils such as tea tree oil, neem oil, jojoba oil and lemon oil, this is one of the most hydrating shampoos you can lay your hands on.

It’s a product by Ancient Living—a brand known for its superior-quality products based on Ayurvedic principles.

6. Conditioning Natural Shampoo

natural shampoo

This one’s an shampoo powder from Mitti Se. All you need to do is add water to the bottle, shake it well, and your shampoo will be ready for use. Made with natural conditioning agents such as hibiscus, gooseberries, fenugreek, shikakai and grapefruit essential oil, it visibly improves hair quality with every use.

7. Cocoa Butter, Cedarwood and Nutmeg Shampoo

natural shampoo

This gorgeous, all-natural hand-made shampoo with a warm, woody aroma from Rasalila India is a great eco-friendly alternative to the ones that come loaded with sulphates and parabens. While the cocoa butter provides an antioxidant boost to the scalp, the nutmeg with its anti-inflammatory properties helps strengthen the hair follicles and the cedarwood essential oil combats hair loss and dandruff.

8. Hibiscus Clarifying Shampoo

natural shampoo

A certified Ayurvedic, palm oil-free, vegan shampoo, this one from Urvija is made from natural ingredients such as hibiscus, neem, and tulsi. If you wish for a squeaky clean scalp and healthy, nourished hair, please look no further.

9. Natural Powder Shampoo

natural shampoo

Packaged in a reusable tin, this powder shampoo from Everwards India acts both as a cleanser and conditioner. The main ingredients include shikakai, soapnut, vasambu, tulsi, maravu and magudam flower that leave the hair feeling strong and nourished.

10. Vegan Olive Oil and Hemp Shampoo

natural shampoo

Made of natural hemp seeds, this unisex shampoo from Health Horizons is excellent for dull hair and split ends. Consistent use of this shampoo can help you get voluminous and shiny hair. It’s a great one for all hair types.

Take your pick of organic shampoos from this list, try it out and watch your hair-game turn stronger with each wash.

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(Edited by Gayatri Mishra)

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