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Feeling Stressed? Tune Out & Relax With This 2-Hour Musical Healing Workshop

Feeling Stressed? Tune Out & Relax With This 2-Hour Musical Healing Workshop

Stress making you sleepless? Treat your mind to some soothing music therapy. #WorkshopAlert

In the midst of the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it’s highly important to break the routine and spend some time on mindfulness. It’s about truly being alone with your own thoughts which can help derive a great deal of energy and motivation from within.

Shoonya, a multi-arts centre located in the heart of Bengaluru aims to bring such healing experiences to their audience through their workshops and therapy sessions. The centre, founded by the Ollapally family in 2014, aims to provide a platform for artists from different spheres of life to collaborate on new ideas and perspectives.

Away from the chaos of the city, the centre is surrounded by trees and has three spacious studios that provide space for their curated events in the areas of art and somatic (body and movement studies).

Of the many workshops that Shoonya has conducted on personal well being, the two-hour musical siesta to be conducted on the 15 February 2020 will truly be one-of-a-kind.

The musical siesta will be led by Martin Dubois, a diploma graduate in Modern music from France. Dubois has performed with several bands from across the world and has exposed himself to a variety of genres ranging from Jazz to Indian percussion. His musical repertoire includes the piano, the drums, the tablas, and even the Andean and the Indian flute.

“The two-hour experiential workshop will require the participants to simply ‘find their rhythm’. Using a technique from Mongolia, we use instruments to sync with the rhythm of the heartbeat. The technique will help the participants become one with their thoughts and eventually develop a mechanism of their own to find peace,” explains Dubois.

“You don’t need any previous knowledge of music to attend this workshop. All that you’ll require is a yoga mat and a hope to find peace from within,” he adds

Dubois’ Musical Siesta primarily connects the mind with the natural elements that surround us and bring the body into an environment of harmonics.

“A handpan instrument will also be used during the workshop that will help develop synchronized beats with water. Since our body is made up of 78 per cent water, when the water picks up the rhythm, our body will naturally resonate from within. These techniques have worked wonders in my previous sessions and I have truly witnessed the power of musical healing,” explains Dubois.

“We will also work with breathing techniques to relieve anxiety and stress. This is something that needs to be addressed because it has become somewhat of a common struggle today, especially in work culture, “ he adds.

The workshop will be conducted in the studio with ample natural lighting giving the participants a chance to let go of toxic environments they have been accustomed to.

If you wish to find inner peace and relieve yourself from everyday stress, you can be a part of this Musical Siesta. Click here to know more.

(Edited by Saiqua Sultan)

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