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12 Reasons Why a Daily Dose of Tulsi Is Great News for Your Health!

Common cough, mouth ulcers and high blood sugar—Tulsi is a soldier that can singlehandedly win many battles!

12 Reasons Why a Daily Dose of Tulsi Is Great News for Your Health!

From warding off common ailments, strengthening immunity, fighting bacterial and viral infections to combating and treating various hair and skin disorders— tulsi (Holy Basil or Ocimum sanctum) is an easy-to-grow plant that can help resolve a host of health and lifestyle-related issues.

Here are 12 awesome reasons why you must include tulsi in your daily diet:

tulsi health benefits


  1. A change in weather almost always has a negative effect on immunity. During this time, boil a concoction of tulsi leaves, ginger, cardamom, turmeric and jaggery and drink this hot drink to stay away from the common cold and cough.
  2. The plant also has strong anti-bacterial properties to help you quickly recover from fevers.
  3. A deficiency of Vitamin A may lead to compromised immunity, hematopoiesis and in severe cases, night blindness. Since tulsi contains healthy doses of the vitamin, its regular consumption can help you avoid the deficiency. The good news is you don’t have to chew the bitter leaves to avail benefits. Try this organic tulsi honey which goes perfectly with cereals, tea or fruits!
  4. Studies have proven that regular consumption of tulsi leads to regulates blood pressure levels. Thus, if you have high blood pressure, adding the medicinal herb in your regular diet is an excellent idea.
  5. If you have its juice regularly, its oleanolic acid contents can also help regulate blood sugar. Try this organic juice to begin the journey towards a healthy you.
  6. The holy basil is also widely known for its blood purification powers. Chewing on the leaves will flush out toxins from your system and clean your digestive system. Dr Ashutosh Gautam tells NDTV, “The essential oils found in tulsi, effectively act on our respiratory system.”tulsi health benefits
  7. Purified blood will inevitably lead to softer, smoother skin. But if you want to see quicker results, try this chemical-free tulsi face pack and get blemish-free skin instantly!
  8. Speaking of blemishes, are you prone to acne, mouth ulcers and boils on your body? These may be signs of excess body heat. Make a paste of tulsi leaves, blend them with sandalwood paste and apply on your forehead to control body heat and for immediate relief.
  9. The essential oils in this “queen of herbs” aid your digestive process. So end a heavy meal with a cup of tulsi tea to help your body digest the food faster and smoother. Don’t have any in your stock? Click here to get a pack now!
  10. Just like it catalyses digestion, holy basil can cure stomach ulcers, gastric disorders and even menstrual cramps. Your solution to several gastrointestinal problems is in this medicinal herb.
  11. Kidney stones can cause excruciating pain and if ignored, can become a serious issue. At the first sign of the stones, add this medicine —a mixture of basil juice and honey—to your diet. Have this mixture regularly for six months to promote healing.
  12. Insect bites? Apply freshly pressed tulsi juice. Mouth ulcers? Chew on some leaves. Feeling stressed lately? Add the “adaptogen” or anti-stress agent basil to your daily intake. Sore throat? Boil some leaves and have the drink.

Tulsi is a wonderful remedy to many everyday problems as well as serious conditions like a kidney stone. Get ready for a healthier, fitter you by simply adding the medicinal herb to your diet and skincare routine.

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(Edited by Gayatri Mishra)

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