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Hungry at the Office? Try Out These Healthy Snack Alternatives

Hungry at the Office? Try Out These Healthy Snack Alternatives

Using just the ingredients available in your office pantry, these yummy recipes can keep your tummy happy and healthy while you meet your deadlines!

If you have the habit of skipping your breakfast or settling for cups of coffee in the office, you will probably find your stomach grumbling throughout the day. Well, it’s time to put your health back on track with this list of quick, healthy snacks you can make in your office pantry or carry along while you’re rushing to the office.,

1. Oatmeal & Fruits

Just soak the oatmeal for a while in water, add milk and bananas (some peanut butter or honey if you’re feeling extra) and done!

This oatmeal snack will keep you energized throughout the day and will leave your tummy happy and healthy. Also, eating uncooked oatmeal is completely fine and won’t trouble your tummy!

Try adding these chemical and preservative-free oats to your routine for a balanced diet.

2. Cheese & Fruit Plate

If you’re looking for something to grab and run back to work, you can make yourself a cheese and fruit plate.

All you need to do is grab an assortment of fruits, some cheese and nuts. Serve them on a plate, and you’ve just made yourself an appetizer! Share it with your colleagues or eat it all up on your own.

3. Quick Quinoa

This one’s a personal favourite! If you have a long day ahead and might not be able to have your lunch on time, quinoa might be able to save your day.

You can either cook quinoa in your pantry if you have the facility or even microwave it! Yes, you heard that right, soak a bowl of quinoa in two cups of water and microwave it for a minute, and your bowl of quinoa is ready.

Eat it on its own (it has a lovely nutty flavour) or carry along some chopped tomatoes-cucumbers-onions and add it to that. Try out this pack of quinoa that is completely natural and also supports a community of farmers.

4. Healthy Chaat

Who doesn’t love chaat? While regular chaat doesn’t quite make it to the list of healthy snacks, we have one that comes quite close! To begin, you will need these multi-grain cheese tomato roasted puffs, that are made with ragi, jowar and corn.

Then, add your favourite veggies to these roasted puffs and sprinkle some salt and chaat masala on top and..voila! You’ve just made yourself some awesome chaat!

If you want to go all out, squeeze in some lemon juice for that extra something. These puffs are free from chemicals and preservatives and also make an excellent option for an on-desk snack.


5. The ‘Desi’ Salad

An Indian style salad also makes a quick fix for a hungry tummy. You can easily make this at home and carry it along to the office. Just mix a bowl of cucumber, carrots, white radish, onions, tomatoes, sunflower seeds and chopped almonds and drizzle some olive oil and a teaspoon of lemon juice for the salad dressing.

This yummy recipe is sure to get a lot of fans in your office.

So the next time you’re feeling hungry in the office, try whipping up one of these healthy snacks and keep your tummy smiling!

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(Edited by Gayatri Mishra)

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