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NEWS: Delhi Government Bans The Sale & Purchase Of All Forms Of Chewable Tobacco


Starting today, all forms of chewable tobacco are banned from sale, purchase, manufacture and storage in Delhi. The hugely popular ‘gutkha’ pouches and ‘pan masala’ with tobacco will no longer be available in the city.

The Delhi government has also decided to run large-scale campaigns to inform the public about the harmful effects of chewable tobacco.

“We have put a ban on purchase, sale, manufacturing and even storage of all forms of chewable tobacco from today (Monday) in city. To implement the ban, several teams of Delhi Police, MCD, Food Adulteration will conduct suprise raids,” Health Minister Satyendra Jain said in New Delhi.

The health department also plans to involve citizens to set up monitoring committees which will periodically check their neighbourhoods for violations of this ban.

The incidences of oral cancer has been on the rise on the country, with one orthodontist claiming that:

Oral cancer claims one life in every six hours in India

However, while chewable tobacco is banned, other forms of tobacco including cigarettes (which also have a large consumer base) are not going to be prohibited.

What’s your view? Is this ban justified? Let us know in the comments below!

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