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Grow kits landing page

How do the grow kits work?

Every kit is an all-encompassing set of soil, growing medium and seeds. They come with an instruction manual to guide you throughout the process. Depending on what seeds you choose for your garden, you can plant them in a pot, a grow kit or open soil. The soil and growing medium provided in the kit give young seeds the nutrition they need. Water the plants as instructed in the kit. Yes, it really is that easy!

Why should I use a grow kit?

Rampant urbanisation and the use of harmful chemicals in home cleaners, as well as industries, have degraded the quality of our soil. It may not be as easy growing vegetables and herbs in our backyard anymore. Moreover, some guidance from experts and a little organic push to young plants is always a good idea for healthy growth. These affordable, biodegradable grow kits provide exactly that.

Grow kits landing page

Tell me more about this!

Let these amazing grow kits help you grow an organic farm!

Green Cities

Every small plant contributes to the overall greenery of the city. With these grow kits, you can have a green space right in your home!

Organic Food

Knowingly or unknowingly, we consume a lot of harmful chemicals every day. Reduce this consumption by growing your own organic veggies!

Easy to Grow

Having your own organic farm was never easier. These grow kits guide you through the process of growing fresh vegetables.

Single vegetable grow kits

These kits by Upaj start at Rs 199. They come with soil mix, cocopeat, a biodegradable pot, seeds and an instruction manual. Choose from tomato, okra, chilli, cucumber & other seeds.

Herbs and vegetables

Want to start with easy herbs and leafy greens? These low-cost kits by BySmita come with a biodegradable pot, soil medium, fertiliser, maintenance chart, instruction manual and of course, seeds!

Compact grow kits

For homes with limited space but the enthusiasm to grow organic veggies, this Home Crop kit comes with enough soil mix and vermicompost to grow many plants. They provide grow kits that fit into compact spaces.

Multiple crops that help each other grow

This set by Upaj comes with two seeds- basil and cherry tomato. The two plants grow in synergy, protecting and helping each other. This kit is ideal for gardens prone to pests.

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