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What are bio-enzymes?

Bio-enzyme cleaners are made using natural ingredients like citrus fruits, water, jaggery and the microbes grown when they are fermented together. The resulting bacteria are capable of deep cleaning surfaces without harmful fumes. Easy to make and quite versatile, making bio-enzymes is a skill that can save Bengaluru’s lakes from toxic chemicals!

The uses of bio-enzymes:

In this 2.5 hour online workshop, you will get hands-on experience of making bio-enzymes and organic fertilisers with wet waste. The facilitators, Maitreyi Hegde & Rekha Hegde will also explain what all the bio-enzymes can be used for. Some of these uses are as follows:

  • For general surface cleaning and disinfection of the floor, toilet, basin etc.
  • To remove limescale on taps and other steel fittings
  • Cleaning chemicals and pesticides from fruits and vegetables
  • As a laundry detergent
  • Can be used as a natural fertiliser for your garden
  • Washing utensils (bio-enzymes can remove stubborn grease and stains)
  • If you pour it in the drain directly, it will unclog your pipelines too!

Tell me more!

Rs 499 is a great investment to learn how to make planet-friendly, versatile cleaners.


Acid cleaners can be quite toxic! These natural bio-enzymes, on the other hand, clean without destroying the planet.


Learn one skill and get a cleaner that polishes, provides nutrition to plants, cleans your utensils and more!


This workshop is a one-time investment which equips you to have free cleaners for the rest of your life!

Reduces Waste

Utilise your citrus fruit peels (that can’t be composted). Reduce your wet and toxic waste in one go!

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