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Does Your Food Spark Joy? Here Are 3 Ways To Marie Kondo Your Diet

Does Your Food Spark Joy? Here Are 3 Ways To Marie Kondo Your Diet

Switching to mindful eating and an organised diet can change your lifestyle in more ways than one!

It’s been about seven months since I moved into a new home with my friends. When it came to food, we were all pretty psyched to start cooking, mainly for two reasons—saving money and staying fit. 

At one point, I thought we would all give up and order outside food, but to my surprise, we actually stuck to our plans. But in the long run, we realised that we were getting tired of the food we cooked and it became a chore. The food we ate didn’t spark joy! 

What’s the big deal? You’re getting the nutrition you need, and you’re eating on time. 

Truth is, none of it makes sense if it’s not mindful eating. Marie Kondo talks about decluttering your home and closet by getting rid of things that don’t spark joy in her book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. The same goes for your diet!

If you don’t feel happy taking that bite, it’s time to move on and change your diet. 

Bye-Bye ‘Bleh’ Food


‘Culturing your stomach’ and changing up a few things in your pantry is just like trying out a new outfit. If you’re feeling it, then go ahead! Changing your diet doesn’t mean you have to make complicated dishes that take a long time; it could be as simple as adding a few seeds and berries to your cereal. 

As children, we were all told to ‘finish what’s on your plate’, and this has trained us to stuff ourselves with food even if we are full or don’t want to eat it. 

Here are some quick and easy ways to create a diet you love!

1. A Nutty Affair


It could be chia, watermelon, pumpkin or even flax seeds! Just a handful of these in your cereal or salad can make a big difference to your health. They are an awesome source of fibre and will also help keep your blood sugar, pressure and cholesterol levels in check.

2. Spice it Up


The seasoning and spices you use in your food can make a difference to its taste. There are tonnes of chemical and preservative-free options available in the market to make your food from bland to wow.

3. Change Your Grain

If your food is concentrated around rice and pulses, shake things up a bit and try a different grain. You never know, your taste buds might just love it! You could also go completely nutritious and attempt a millet diet!

A Relationship With Your Meal

Your food has to look delicious while catering to your nutritional needs. This is a crucial step which we often overlook while cooking for ourselves. While your plate of food doesn’t need to impress Gordon Ramsay, it should be good enough to please you.

An earthenware plate, a few herbs to garnish your pasta, cut fruits in your cereal or even a glass of wine to compliment the meal should do the trick! 

While you go to all this effort, be sure to avoid electronics while eating and create a mindful space with your family or friends where you can truly enjoy your meal.

One Bite At A Time

While you have your meal, savour each bite and ask yourself if it sparks joy. By doing this, you are being mindful about your meal and truly in charge of what you eat. This routine will help control binge eating and mindless meals.

And if you struggle with snacking, switch to healthy alternatives like trail mixes and roasted nuts.

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To revamp your food habits is a lot easier said than done, so don’t be hard on yourself for messing up the routine once in a while. The most important thing to remember is to eat slower, longer and happier. And yes, if it doesn’t spark joy, try a different route. 

(Edited by Shruti Singhal)

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