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8 Food Trends That Will Ensure You Have a Sustainable & Healthy 2020

8 Food Trends That Will Ensure You Have a Sustainable & Healthy 2020

'Stay chemical, stay foolish,' say these food trends that focus on organic, low-cost solutions for those hunger pangs

People who couldn’t survive without cheese, milk and butter are going vegan, those who never gave a second thought to their grocery shopping are now checking for the organic label, and those who thrive on sweets are taking the no-sugar challenge.

Every year, trends in the food scene, lead to changes in the way we eat. So how do things look in 2020?

Here’s what experts predict:

1. Food minus chemicals

food trends 2020

As we learn about the number of chemicals that go into the production of our food, we are shifting to organic vegetables, fruits and even staples.

So overwhelming has been this demand in India and overseas, that Avalon Consulting, a strategic and management firm, predicts the Indian organic food market to cross the $2 billion mark by 2024.

So yes, the organic food trend, which started in the previous decade, is set to gain momentum in 2020.

Organic is not just a trend but a lifestyle choice for many. Choose the chemical-free option and shop for healthy staples and grocery by clicking here.

2. Strive to create zero waste

food trends 2020
Picture courtesy: Prekshaa Sharma.

In 2020, zero-waste cooking is set to receive a lot of attention. Among the people who are rooting for this trend is Arina Suchde, a professional chef from Mumbai, who believes that creating zero waste is a responsibility of everyone who cooks or eats and is easy to follow in homes, cafes and big restaurants.

Don’t believe us? Read Arina’s story here.

3. We can vegan!

food trends 2020

As more people go vegan and ditch the suffering caused by the dairy industry, companies are moving quickly to make them happy.

If you have recently joined the bandwagon, congratulations! This trend is only set to continue, and in 2020, we are set to get more options for a smooth dairy-free lifestyle.

Ready to give up dairy for healthier vegan options? Click here to purchase nut milk!

4. Make room for mushroom

food trends 2020

In an interview with the Weekend Insider, Chef Tarun Sibal shared that 2020 will see an upward trend in the consumption of mushrooms.

Beyond the conventional pizza toppings, curries and sandwiches, the protein-rich food will make its way into whackier combinations.

“There will be the use of Mushroom Coffee, Mushroom Chocolate and Mushroom Pickle, etc. [These] are the things that you will get acquainted with in 2020,” he says.

Stay ahead of the curve and try out this Shiitake Mushroom tea which in addition to being tasty, is also extremely healthy! Follow this link to get it now!

5. Healthy seeds for a healthy body

flax seeds benefits

One way to achieve the end goal of a fit body and healthy organs is to start small. In 2020, this small beginning will mean adding healthy seeds to your regular diet.

We have already spoken about the benefits of chia seeds and flax seeds but that’s not all.

Sunflower, pumpkin seeds and even soybean are all wonderful additions to your diet and are set to become a trend in 2020. So what are you waiting for?

6. Sugar? No, please!

It is impossible to ignore the significant role that processed sugar plays in derailing any efforts to stay healthy or lose weight.

Which is why, in 2020, one trend set to be the rage is going processed sugar-free.

Kantha Shelke, an expert at the Institute of Food Technologists, tells Real Simple, “This year, we began to see serious scaled reductions of sugar levels without artificial sweeteners or a compromise on taste. As consumers seek foods that cut sugar, while still delivering on taste, food formulators will be tasked with finding ingredients that deliver sweetness while also boosting functional health properties.”

We have a whole range of such healthy sweeteners, from coconut sugar to Yacon syrup. Check them out here.

7. Grow food yourself!

Growing vegetables is no longer restricted to only those who have the luxury of a ginormous garden or a farm; people living in apartments rented flats too, are taking up urban gardening actively.

In the year to come, growing organic vegetables and fruits are going to be super popular among the urban populations.

It is not as difficult as it might seem, especially if you have a grow kit to help you.

8. Farm to table for fresh food

food trends 2020

In a bid to eat healthier, more and more people are opting for a farm-to-table approach. If you can’t grow your produce, you can contact organic farmers and set up a system where you can get their produce directly.

This solves three purposes—it cuts down the time spent in transporting, eliminates the need for intermediaries and guarantees more income to the farmers (while also helping you save money). Watch out for this trend in 2020!

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(Edited by Gayatri Mishra)

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