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8 Easy & Green Beauty Resolutions to Make 2020 the Year Your Body Loves You!

Did you end 2019 with impossible new year resolutions? It's not too late to restart your vows with sustainable promises

8 Easy & Green Beauty Resolutions to Make 2020 the Year Your Body Loves You!

Are you struggling with your list of New Year’s resolutions, or haven’t made one yet? The trick is to start step by step and aim for resolutions that can be sustained in the area of your choice.

Here are 8 personal care and beauty resolutions you can try—rather make your priority—in 2020.

1. Keep track of your beauty waste

sustainable beauty resolutions

This is simpler than you think. Just place a wastebasket near your mirror and vow to keep it empty for as long as possible.

If the tissues and face wipes are piling on, making you throw out the trash often, you know these products need to be replaced with something more eco-friendly and reusable. These crochet makeup removal wipes, for example, can be used, washed and reused for months together. Bonus: They also save you a lot of money!

2. Reuse, refill, recycle

make-up harmful chemicals

To understand the magnitude of our consumption habits, consider this. In 2018, the beauty and personal care industry produced 142 billion units of packaging. That is nearly 20 packaging units for every single person on the planet.

How do you produce less waste while not compromising on your beauty regime?

Switch to cosmetics that can be reused, brands that allow you to refill or packaging that you know will not damage the environment. You’ve tried a variety of brands for their visual appeal, promises and label value. Why not try something to help the earth this year?

3. Chemicals do not belong in your beauty regime

sustainable beauty resolutions

Parabens, sulfates and other synthetic chemicals in lipsticks, face cream, eyeliners etc. may make your features stand out but the chemicals in them get absorbed into the skin and cause destruction of cells from inside your body. You can read more about it here.

This year, help your skin stay chemical-free with sustainable make-up.

4. Beauty is not skin deep

Acne, blackheads, dry skin, irritation are signs by the skin which suggest that impurities, pollution and dirt that has seeped into the pores.

By applying products that reduce these skincare issues without cleansing the skin is like treating the symptoms, not the disease.

This year, instead of spending a bomb on cosmetics that work on the surface, invest some time in natural remedies that go deep and are long-lasting. Click here for amazing tips on these beauty and personal care solutions.

5. Aim for less

sustainable beauty resolutions

A college friend had once told me that she wakes up at 4.30 am in order to complete her intensive make-up routine and reach college on time. While some of us enjoy the process, if you are among those who get stressed about the time it takes for you to get ready, aim for less.

Instead, opt for cosmetics that serve various purposes, and will save your time and money!

Read more about such trends by following this link.

6. Utilise your right to information

Dandruff home remedies

By law, cosmetics are required to carry the list of ingredients (including weights for solids and semi-solids and fluid measure for liquids), direction for safe use in case of hazardous products and a statement declaring the names as well as quantities of dangerous ingredients.

You, as a consumer, must make a note of such ingredients before deciding to purchase the product or not. This year, let that be your firm resolution.

7. Purchase local

make-up harmful chemicals

Earlier, while international brands might have provided better quality beauty products, local brands have upped their game too,

This year, pick at least one product—eyeliner, lipstick, mascara—that you want to experiment with, and buy it from a local brand!

Confused about where to buy sustainable, local make-up products? Follow this link for a quick fix!

8. Try something unique

How would you feel about a unique twist to your favourite cosmetics?

And by that, we mean natural ingredients like Jatamansi, moringa, fenugreek that you may not associate with personal care immediately but are wholesome additions to your beauty regime. Check out some amazing options to make your face glow by clicking on this link.

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(Edited by Gayatri Mishra)

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