In Just 2 Hours & Rs 850, Learn to Make All Cosmetics in Your Bathroom Cabinet!

In Just 2 Hours & Rs 850, Learn to Make All Cosmetics in Your Bathroom Cabinet!

Make a weekend of it and enjoy the pristine hills of Panchgani. Free of pollution, free of chemicals!

How much do you spend on the personal products stocked in your bathroom? Take into account everything — the deodorant, perfume, moisturiser, face wash, shampoo, soap, and toothpaste. Rs 1,000 at least right? What if you could learn to make all of this within 2 hours, at just Rs 850 and all chemical-free?

And you can make a productive weekend of it too.

Start this new year with something new. This way you not only save a lot of money but also give your skin some good-old homely care!

Learn how to make your personal care products in Panchgani.

Click here to book your place now!

What to Expect in the Panchgani Workshop:

Panchgani natural living

The Odd Gumnut (TOG) based in Panchgani is all about responsible living and detaching yourself from the chemicals. Right from following permaculture in their one-acre farm to making their own cosmetics, Laura Christie Khanna and Kunal Khanna, the founders of the eco-organisation are taking dedicated efforts to lead a green life.

And this weekend, the couple will teach you too.

Here’s what you can learn in their pristine Panchgani farm:

Panchgani natural living

  • How to make your own shampoo. Do away with those foaming agents that strip all the essential oils from your scalp. Learn how to make your own shampoo with a Reetha base and ensure you have gorgeous hair while avoiding chemicals.
  • Laura, one of the workshop facilitators, says that when she read studies connecting deodorants with breast cancer, she was shocked and determined to never use them again. “I was about 16-17 years of age when I realised that our personal care products may have a role to play in our health issues. This workshop will show you how to stay fresh without using chemicals,” she shares with The Better India.
  • Learn to make your own moisturiser and stay equipped in these cold months. The chemicals in commercially-sold creams are known to make your skin thirsty in just a few hours. Chemical-free lotions will keep your skin hydrated and soft for a long time.
  • Similarly, you can learn to make toothpaste, soap and hair masks too — all devoid of harmful chemicals and nourishing to your skin!

Excited to make your bathroom cabinet chemical-free and low-cost? Follow this link to book your place in the Panchgani workshop now!

About The Odd Gumnuts in Panchgani:

Panchgani natural living

Though they come from very different parts of the planet, Kunal and Laura found a common ambition in working for a healthier earth. Mumbai-born Kunal flew to Australia in 2005 for higher studies. Speaking with TBI he says, “The goal to come back to India was always on my mind. I studied economics, worked in Australia briefly and started a food stall called Overdosa with my best friend. The food stall found a lot of loyal patrons. At the same time, I completed my Masters in Environment and Sustainability.”

It was at this stall that Kunal would meet a girl whose entire life revolved around food. Laura, born and raised in Seattle, USA, comes from a family that makes everything from compost to wine at home.

She had grown up in an environment of food culture and it meant the world to her. “At one point I was studying food politics and working in a restaurant. That’s how closely involved I am with food. But at the same time, I am also an avid traveller who finds peace in forests, mountains and the outdoors,” she explains.

When Destinies Meet

Panchgani natural living

Laura was travelling in Melbourne in 2013 when she met Kunal. They fell in love and since Laura was also very keen on learning permaculture (the perfect blend of growing food, living outdoors and nurturing an ecosystem), she took advantage of her stay in Australia, where permaculture was invented in the 1970s. She became a certified permaculture teacher.

In 2018, the now-married couple decided to follow Kunal’s goal and come to India. Panchgani, the place that Kunal loves and where he received his early-years education, became their home. They developed a farm—The Odd Gumnut where the couple practices permaculture, making Kombucha tea and personal care products like those mentioned above.

This weekend, you can join them and learn from those who have designed their lives around a sustainable, planet-friendly lifestyle. Follow this link to book your place in the Panchgani workshop before the slots are full.

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(Edited by Saiqua Sultan)

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