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Kerala Professor’s Ingenious Innovation Makes Plucking Fruits Pain & Strain Free

Kerala Professor’s Ingenious Innovation Makes Plucking Fruits Pain & Strain Free

“It can be used to cut branches, douse fires in very high places by the fire department and even save someone who is drowning – there are multiple uses for it,” says the former professor at Kerala Agricultural University.

Dr A M Ranjith, a resident of Kerala, only wanted to make a device to make plucking fruits from trees easier. What he did invent and has a patent for, is a tool that has multiple uses.

“It can be used to cut branches, the fire department can use it to douse fires in very high places and even save someone who is drowning – there are multiple uses for it,” says the former professor at Kerala Agricultural University.

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The device uses a fulcrum which helps to rotate it 360 degrees and makes plucking fruits easier and less stressful for the back, shoulders and arms.

The seed of the idea

Dr Ranjith’s innovation

“The idea of making something that would aid in plucking the jackfruit from the trees in my backyard is how the ‘tool’ came into being,” informs Ranjith.

Ranjith adds that plucking jackfruits is not that simple. At times the fruit can also fall on one’s head, which could be a painful experience.

“There have been times when my attempts to pluck the fruit has led to it falling on my head. In fact, a colleague of mine actually sustained some bruises when the jackfruit fell on her,” he says.

Ranjith shares that there is usually a lot of pressure on the shoulder and back when a person plucks fruits – be it mango, coconut or even jackfruits. The heavyweight of the pole falls directly on the shoulder and the back.

“Moreover, the weight of the pole or stick also prevents one from being accurate,” he adds.

The continuous struggle of  plucking the jackfruits and the ensuing back plain frustrated Ranjith to the extent that he decided to come up with a device which may aid him in the process.

The device and how it works

The pole

Dr Ranjith wanted to design a device that puts the least pressure on the shoulder, back and hands.

“A device that even a small child would be able to use comfortably without the fear of any aches or pain,” he says.

The tool is created on the principle of dynamic fulcrum, which is essentially the point at which the pole balances in such a manner that it can be moved 360 degrees. “It is a small device that can be attached to a pole or a stick with a hook. This can then be directed to the fruit without causing any pressure to the hand or shoulder. The hook can also be rotated a full circle,” explains Ranjith.

After developing the prototype and running tests, Ranjith did his own research to ascertain that what he had built was one of its kind. he now has a patent for the device.

Plans for the tool

When asked if he would like to start manufacturing and selling his device commercially, he says, “I am an academician and my expertise does not lie in marketing and selling. I am more than happy to collaborate with those who can take this forward. I can continue making it in a small way but that doesn’t really solve the purpose for which I developed it.”

As for the cost of production, he informs, “If you want a small device for only plucking fruits, it will cost you between Rs 500 to Rs 1,000. It can be locally made but you should be cautious about the materials you use to avoid being electrocuted. The device should be made using only non-conductor material.”

“The same device, if made on a large scale, is likely to cost less,” says Ranjith.

If you are keen on reaching out to Ranjith then you can call at: +91-9446453588.

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(Edited by Saiqua Sultan)

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