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Egg Shell Powder: An Unlikely Hero for Those Calcium Boosts You Need

Egg Shell Powder: An Unlikely Hero for Those Calcium Boosts You Need

While most people do not imagine eggshells can be eaten, some minimal processing turns the white shards from fertiliser to wonderful mineral booster

Up until recently, I thought the only use of eggshells was as plant food. But, the nutritional value of eggshells powder caught me by surprise. Did you know that half an eggshell can provide your daily requirement of calcium? And that it can be consumed if you have a deficiency?

Severe calcium deficiency may lead to osteoporosis and about 50 million people in India suffer from the bone condition.

But fair warning, the eggshells need to undergo a proper process to be turned into powder. Although this process consists of no added chemicals, it’s important to note that simply crushing eggs and consuming them may be harmful to you.

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Eggshell powder – Calcium Powerhouse

eggshell powder benefits

Regular intake of calcium is crucial for everyone and if the thought of drinking milk makes you gag, you can try mixing a spoonful of eggshell powder in your smoothies, or coffee and absorb its calciumy benefits! (exact calcium value and other nutrition are discussed below).

Eggshells are predominantly calcium carbonate, but they also contain magnesium, phosphorus and potassium – three other minerals that are important for muscle function, the formation of bones and teeth and nerve signals respectively. Invest in an eggshell powder that is made without chemicals and level up the minerals in your body.

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What happens if there is not enough calcium in the body?

eggshell powder benefits

A prolonged deficiency of calcium may result in osteoporosis and if the body doesn’t get enough calcium, it starts leaching it from your own bones, making them weak, and brittle. In a nutshell? More chance of broken bones from a slight fall.

Don’t let the deficiency get you down. Add a spoonful of eggshell powder to your diet and keep yourself healthy! Click here to buy it now!

Eggshells are safe to consume if ground right

eggshell powder benefits

Consuming bits and pieces of eggshells can hurt your throat. Eggshells might also contain some bacteria. So, people opt for calcium pills. But, why shell out so much money when you can get a cheaper alternative that is made almost entirely of calcium carbonate?

Just as little as a spoonful of the eggshell powder will give you about 400 mg of calcium. A regular and controlled intake of the powder should be enough to get your bones back to health and strength.

Follow this link to get 1 kg of the powder at just Rs 372.

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(Edited by Saiqua Sultan)

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