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12 Unique Traditional Board Games to Entertain & Educate Your Kids

Whether it is just your kid playing by themselves, a family game night or even a weekly meet of all the neighbourhood little ones, there is a game for everyone!

12 Unique Traditional Board Games to Entertain & Educate Your Kids

A games aisle is heaven for a child. No matter how big a collection they have at home, a new game, a fancy toy is always welcome. So why not gift them a cool game which teaches them something?

Have a look at these 12 funtastic educational games, for your tiny tot.

For our entire collection of educational, earth-friendly and fun games, click here. To know in detail about our top 12 picks, read on:

1. Pagade – Traditional Indian Board Game

educational board games

Let your young one have a go at the national board game of India. Pagade (or Pachisi) is all about strategy and reasoning skills. The next time you have a group of active young “gamers” in your home, challenge them to a board game which is centuries old. Click here to get the fabric game set now.

2. Wooden Chinese Checkers

educational board games

Yet another super fun game, Chinese checkers will keep kids busy for hours! The game also helps hone simple math, strategy skills, creating patterns and logical thinking!

Follow this link to buy the set now.

3. Handcrafted wooden puzzle

educational board games
Source: Chaya Nisarga/ Facebook.

Worried about your kid spending too much time staring at the mobile screen? Here’s a puzzle that will not only keep your child away from the screens but also help them sharpen their focus. This wooden puzzle can be carried anywhere and until your young one gets the technique right, it will keep them occupied for sure.

Get the wooden double-decker puzzle at just Rs 448 by clicking on this link.

4. The classic snakes and ladders with a twist

educational board games

Why give them a square set when you can add some fun element to the age-old snakes and ladders? This fabric set is easy to carry anywhere and so, there will never be a dull moment during your trips or train journeys. Equally suitable for kids and adults, this game will be all about family bonding!

Buy your child a gift they’ll cherish like this educational game. Click on this link to get it now.

5. Navakankari – a board game for the strategist in you

educational board games

A game that is sure to arouse curiosity in young children, Navakankari is a game about strategy, planning and reasoning. This 2-player game will develop these crucial skills in your child while having fun in the process. Navakankari in Sanskrit or the Nine Men’s Morris in English is a game suitable for anyone over the age of 5!

To understand the rules and buy the game, follow this link.

6. Take Me Home Board Game

educational board games

Made of corrugated paper and other upcycled material, this board game will help your little one become eco-conscious. Suitable for kids between 5-7 years of age, the take-me-home game is about four endangered animals and the aim of each player is to get their animal to a safe habitat.

Fun, right? We certainly think so! Click here to get the awesome board game now!

7. Alu Guli Mane or Mancala

educational board games

Another 2-player game of strategy, Mancala is easy to carry and will be your friend during long journeys. Try playing it when you want some time away from the screen or when the battery is down and I promise you, you’ll be hooked to this super fun game.

Head here to get your Mancala set now.

8. Chowka bhara, a strategy-based, traditional board game

educational board games

One of the oldest and coolest board games, there is little wonder that the Chowka Bara is still in existence. A “race” of sorts, the objective of this game is to beat the other players and get all your coins in the innermost square. It is as much a game of chance (the number on the dice determines how many places you move) as a game of strategy (you decide which coin to move). Get the traditional version of the now-popular ludo. Click this link to get the board game set now.

9. StarGazers Game

educational board games

All the air and light pollution coming in the way of your stargazing? Worry not, for you can teach your children about the various constellations with a simple game. This 17-piece set is complete with common constellations like Orion’s belt and Ursa Major as well as the 12 zodiac constellations that appear only in their seasons. Teach your young ones how to spot the North Star, the fascinating stories behind each constellation and open their eyes to the wonders of the cosmos.

Follow this link to have a starry, dreamy night right in your home!

10. The Morabaraba board game

educational board games

A board game from Africa, Morabaraba is a two-player game that involves brilliant strategy, challenging the opponent’s moves and “placing, moving or flying” cows. Sounds intriguing? One of the most popular games from rural Africa, let your kid savour something from across the sea. Just click here, get the game and see your young one beaming at their new acquisition!

11. Garbage Grab Interactive Eco Board Game

educational board games

Waste segregation is about conscious living, taking active steps to protect the earth and to do your bit as a responsible citizen. But your child need not think of it as a chore. In fact, you can change it into a fun game that children can play at leisure, learning about our responsibility for the garbage we generate. This eco-board game is interactive, fun and educational!

Follow this link to get the awesome board game now!

12. 5-in-1 activity set for kids

educational board games

Eco-consciousness is about changing our lifestyle and behaviour to make it more planet-friendly. There are several steps you must take to do your bit. But for now, let’s start by playing a game. This 5-in-1 set of games will teach your kid the crucial lessons of conservation, waste segregation and wildlife. You can read about it in detail and get the set by clicking on this link.

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(Edited by Saiqua Sultan)

Feature image source: Upcycler’s Lab/ Kavade.

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