How to Donate Your Hair in India: 6 Simple Steps

Going for a hair cut? Always wanted to donate your hair to someone who has lost their hair due to chronic conditions or medical treatments? Don’t know how to go

Going for a hair cut? Always wanted to donate your hair to someone who has lost their hair due to chronic conditions or medical treatments?

Don’t know how to go about it?

Here are 6 simple steps that you need to follow to donate your hair in a way that it fulfills your goal of helping someone out:

Step 1: Choose Your Organisation

Several non-profit organisations across India accept chopped hair and donate them in the form of wigs to cancer patients for free. 

However, certain organisations have specific criteria like type, thickness and size. It is advisable that you get in touch with them to find out before cutting your hair. 

For example, Theni-based ‘Hair Crown’ NGO accepts all kinds of hair, whether treated or coloured. 

However, Kannur-based ‘For You’ Trust rejects coloured hair and for Mumbai-based ‘Cope with Cancer’, the length is more important than thickness. 

Here’s a list of organisations: 

Cope With Cancer. Call at 022-49701285

Hair Crown. Contact them at +91-94861 21062

Sargakshetra Cultural Centre

For You Trust

Step 2: Wash Your Hair

Shampoo and condition your hair. Avoid using any additional hair products and let it dry naturally.

Step 3: Tie Your Hair

Make a ponytail with a tight rubber at the nape of your neck. You can choose to turn the ponytail into a plait and secure the end with a second rubber band. 

Please note: If the hair comes out of the band at any point after being cut, it might get rejected. 

Step 4: Measure Your Hair

Depending on the organisation you are donating to, ensure that length matches their requirement before you cut. Measure in inches.

For instance, ‘Hair Crown’ will accept anything between 12-15 inches. If it is less than that, all your efforts might go in vain.

Step 5: Cut

Place 2-3 fingers above the first rubber band and cut. Maintaining the distance is essential to ensure hair does not come out of the rubber band.

Please Note: Do not tamper with the hair in any form once it is chopped

Step 6: Pack It

Whether you are sending the hair via post or physically visiting the organisation, make sure the hair is packed securely in a ziploc bag.
Write your name, address and contact details on the bag and send it.

Every year, millions are diagnosed with cancer. One of the side effects of chemotherapy is alopecia or hair loss. A gesture as simple as donating hair can push them towards life and give them a positive outlook. However, be sure about the agency you are donating to. Many fake agencies collect hair illegally and trade them.”

Arshith, Director, Hair Crown, Kerala

Hair donation is an easy and personal form of donation that can bring an everlasting smile to someone. So, what are you waiting for?

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