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Can’t Have Gluten? Here’s How You Can Still Eat Roti, Pizza, Cake & More!

Can’t Have Gluten? Here’s How You Can Still Eat Roti, Pizza, Cake & More!

If you believe you're born to eat but gluten allergies or over-consumption is weighing you down, here's some great news!

Gluten is present in so many of our favourite foods that we’ve stopped counting them. But ask anyone who is allergic to gluten, and they will tell you how roti, pizza, bhature and cake are all to be avoided to cause no damage to their intestines. Present in commonly used grains like barley, oats, rye and wheat, the protein is extensive in a variety of diets.

If you are gluten-allergic or are looking for a way to cut down on its consumption, here’s a handy guide to ensure you don’t miss out on your favourite foods.

What exactly is gluten?

Derived from the Latin word for glue, gluten stands true to its name and is a combination of two proteins–prolamins and glutenins. These proteins stick together, have adhesive and viscous properties, enabling the dough to be elastic and consequently, enabling the bread to rise.

Some foods like bread and pastries are easy to identify as having gluten, but others like soya sauce (contains wheat) and cornflakes (contains malt/barley) may be more subtle and might slip from under your nose.

Why is it bad for you?

Like all foods, the protein can be bad for you if you frequently consume it and in large quantities. Although it is a bad idea to cut down on all gluten products suddenly while going for an instant weight loss programme, an alternative that can help you maintain your health is to control your intake and replace (wherever possible) gluten-grains with millet, rice or other alternatives.

One in 100 people has an allergy to gluten. This condition, called the celiac diseases, results in damage to the small intestine and interferes with the absorption of nutrients. For such people, eating so much as a muffin is a terrible idea.

How can we have gluten-free food?

Let’s go over it dish wise, and try to reduce the protein from our diets as effortlessly as possible.

1. Roti or chapati

gluten free diet

Roti or chapati makes a major part of your daily meals, especially if you follow a North or West Indian diet. Adults tend to have about three rotis, twice a day, and that means that your gluten intake is considerable. If you are looking to tone it down, try this gluten-free oat flour that costs Rs 310 for 500 grams or this jowar atta that also contains the goodness of rajgira, flax seeds and fenugreek seeds (Rs 179 for 800 gm).

2. Bhature

gluten free diet

Can’t go a week without Chhole Bhature? We don’t blame you. But the next time you’re frying your mouth-watering bhatura, make sure it doesn’t have traces of the edible adhesive. Purchase this pack of gluten-free premix for a healthy and delicious meal.

3. Gluten-free chocolate brownie

gluten free diet

Have you gone months without a slice of chocolate brownies? Well, you don’t have to kill your cravings anymore, thanks to this eggless, gluten-free brownie premix that allows you to bake the most delicious desserts without putting your intestines in danger. Click here to get a set of 2 at just Rs 300.

For a special birthday cake, opt for this cake flour instead.

4. A special dal-baati sans gluten

gluten free diet

No more drooling over a plate of steaming dal-baati. Now even gluten-allergics can enjoy this Rajasthani delicacy, thanks to this multi-grain baati flour that comes gluten-free. Get this pack of 5 for Rs 550 and enjoy the traditional dish without any worry!

5. Pizza

gluten free diet

This home-made pizza does not come with the guilt of gluten. Made from brown rice, edible starch, milk solids, rice, and sorghum, the pizza base flour is gluten- and preservative-free! Now you can enjoy a slice (or as many slices) care-free. Bake the base, add your favourite toppings, and get ready for the pizza party! Follow this link to get a pack of 2 for just Rs 230.

6. Cheela/Dosa

gluten free diet

Missing your favourite dosa but worried about gluten allergies? Not anymore, if you cook using this awesome premix. Priced at just Rs 259, this 800 gm of the dosa mix can satiate you, leaving no room for intestinal damage. Click here to know more about the ingredients and purchase the pack now.

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Psst… There’s so much more you can do with the right gluten-free flours. Replace your wheat and barley with ragi, rice, millet, tapioca, and such other grains that are nutritious and filling. Click here to browse through the collection now.

(Edited by Shruti Singhal)

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