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No Chemicals! 9 Natural Ways to Protect Your Skin from Dryness This Winter

No Chemicals! 9 Natural Ways to Protect Your Skin from Dryness This Winter

Cracked heels, chapped lips and flakey skin need not be villains. With gentle care and love, you can avoid these skin issues naturally!

Winter is here, and for those of us who love this season and how it brings along endless cups of coffee and snuggling sessions, this is the best time of the year.

But your skin may not be as happy as you are. Dry skin, itching and dehydration are common in these months. Follow these tips for an efficient skincare routine even in the cold days.

Here’s your shortcut to smooth, glowing skin. Browse through our range of all-natural skincare products and flaunt your flawless skin!

What causes dry skin in the winter?

winter season dry skin


Winter is marked by a severe drop in humidity and harsh winds—both of which lower the skin’s capacity to retain moisture, making it dehydrated. If ignored, it can result in the skin becoming flaky, cracked or in severe cases, prone to eczema.

Regular face creams, body lotions and soaps that contain parabens, sulfates and other harmful chemicals, are also factors that play a role in exhausting all the moisture from your skin.

This is why you must switch to chemical-free lotions instead and keep your skin hydrated. Follow this link to get handmade paraben-free creams now!

What helps dry skin in winter?

winter season dry skin

The winter season is notorious for how it damages our skin and hair.

  • Take your lips, for example. Our lips are sensitive; they do not have sweat or sebaceous glands and are more vulnerable when exposed to extreme weather conditions. So, stay hydrated and apply quality lip products to keep them protected from the cold. For extensive lip care, check out our all-natural lip care products here.
  • The same goes for your hands, which also tend to become dry quite often. Keep applying chemical-free moisturiser whenever they feel rough; you should notice a difference in about two weeks. Paraben-free body butter has a more lasting impact.
  • Cracked heels need a little more care. This part of the skin is rougher than others. Warm socks, gentle scrubbing and moisturising are essential to keep them soft. If creams don’t work, apply a few drops of heated ghee before you sleep. It works like magic!
  • Using face cream at night is another must. Moisturise it with a paraben-free cream to keep it soft and supple. Also, don’t over-exfoliate during winters. Doing it once a week should be enough.

Go for skin-friendly products this winter. Click on this link for a range of creams, face wash, soaps, body lotions and more than make your skin silky soft and not snakey-flakey!

So, to round up, here’s how you can take care of your skin in winter season!

winter season dry skin

  • Keep yourself hydrated. Drink adequate water, and eat warming foods and seasonal fruits and vegetables—to build immunity and compensate for what the cold winds and dry air take away.
  • Lower the temperature of your bathing water. Hot showers are tempting, but they leech moisture and natural oils from your skin.
  • Lukewarm baths are always welcome but don’t over-indulge.
  • Get rid of soaps with parabens and sulfates. Switch to ones instead that keep your skin smooth and your skincare routine, natural. Click here to buy them now!
  • Never forget to apply body lotion–right after a bath and before going to bed. Not only will this help you relax but also keep your skin healthy.
  • Change out of wet clothes immediately. You are letting the cold inside your body and making yourself vulnerable to the common cold, cough and headache.

Follow these easy tips, and you’ll be ready to face the winter head-on!

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(Edited by Gayatri Mishra)

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