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VIDEO: She Was “Touched” In Public. Watch How She Taught The Molesters A Lesson They Will Never Forget!

“It was eight o clock on a Sunday morning. I was on my Scooty, when a few guys in a car started following me. They came really close to me and shouted ‘catch the girl otherwise we will skip our breakfast’. I was so scared I turned into a different street and somehow managed to get out of their sight. It was pathetic, I still can’t forget that day,” says Aditi Chauhan.



“I was with a friend at a juice shop when a car stopped in front of us. One guy came out of the car and flashed us. We were so disgusted. It was 3 in the afternoon and in the middle of a busy street. We were shocked and disgusted, but couldn’t do anything about that,” says Rohini Sharma.

“I was with my cousin and coming back from a grocery store. A middle-aged man on a bike stopped near us to ask an address. As I started explaining him, he groped me and sped away. I just could not understand what had just happened. I was shocked and disgusted, and hated the fact that before I could realise anything, he was gone!” says Shalini Arora.

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These are just a few real examples from the thousands and lakhs of girls who face such disgusting acts on an everyday basis. The sad thing is that in most cases, we fail to react immediately to the situation, and by the time we take a step, it is already too late.

This girl was “touched” in a crowded market in Delhi. She was shocked and stunned at the act, and took a few moments to recover. But once she did, she taught those molesters a lesson they will never forget.


She stood up for herself because nobody else did. And she felt good about it. Watch the motivating video-

[embedvideo id=”PsxCROBqVTc” website=”youtube”]

Though she faced the “consequences” of her action, but wasn’t what followed worth it all? Stand up for what is right and fight back because IF YOU DON’T STAND UP FOR YOURSELF. NO ONE ELSE WILL.

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