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Kalamkari Umbrellas! So You Can Enjoy the Rains with the Rich Taste of India!

Black mono-print umbrellas are a hangover from a brief period of sober silliness. What India's monsoons need are historic Indian art - and we've got you covered!

Kalamkari Umbrellas! So You Can Enjoy the Rains with the Rich Taste of India!

The calendar leaf turned to announce the arrival of December, and yet, the clouds have lingered on, leaving many Bengalureans grumpy and cold.

When I moved to the city, I was advised to always carry an umbrella while stepping out⁠. In the past two years, I have rarely followed the advice (and regrettably so), but plain umbrellas are just not my style.

But now, there’s a way to add a pop of colour to dismally grey days! Click here to buy a Kalamkari umbrella now!

These beautiful umbrellas, from Mumbai-based Kalamkari Design Studio, will stand out amidst the boring black ones, and are the perfect accessories to help you stay safe from the rains and protect you from the heat.

Out with the plain black umbrellas and in with that is an art in itself! Follow this link for the coolest looking umbrella now!

What is the Kalamkari art form?

kalamkari design studio umbrella

An ancient style of hand painting, Kalamkari is found in many Indian states, including Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Odisha and Telangana. It is called pattachitra in Sanskrit⁠—where patta means cloth and chitra, a picture.

In the olden times, nomadic storytellers and artisans would travel from village to village, telling tales of our history and mythology. They were helped in this endeavour with large rolls of canvas painted with Kalamkari motifs, that would become a visual guide for eager listeners.

It was the Mughal patrons who called the artists qalamkar in their Persian tongue from which the term kalamkari⁠—art made with a pen⁠—came about.

Kalamkari is a cultural element older than many historical monuments across the country, and with a single umbrella, you can contribute to its revival! Head here to get yours now!

An umbrella as evergreen as the art:

kalamkari design studio umbrella

Sturdy and compact, this Kalamkari umbrella is a superb companion and a must-have item in your bag; whether you live in a perpetually rain-soaked city like Bengaluru or Chennai, or any other part of the country where the sun shines mercilessly.

You can choose among maroon, blue and black colours for the three-fold umbrella that will fit easily in your handbag, sack or moped compartment.

What are you waiting for? Tell the rains that you are always prepared with your armour. In freezing winters, sweltering summers and of course⁠—soppy monsoons.

Click here to get your beautiful Kalamkari umbrellas now!

(Edited by Gayatri Mishra)

All images from Kalamkari Design Studio/ Facebook.

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