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No Mess, No Plastic: 10 Surefire Ways to Throw the Perfect Kids’ Birthday Party

Why should you have to spend hours cleaning your home after the kids have left? Here's how you can host a bunch of kids in a sustainable way!

No Mess, No Plastic: 10 Surefire Ways to Throw the Perfect Kids’ Birthday Party

If you have ever attended a kids’ birthday party, you know what follows the fun⁠—a never-ending cleaning session where you dispose of leftover food, decorations, and dirty cutlery, among others.

Everyone loves a good party, but can you have one without the pressure of cleaning up and generating a lot of trash? As it turns out, yes!

Here are some fantastic tips on how to host the perfect birthday party for your munchkin without raising your stress levels.

1. Let’s begin with the invitations

zero waste birthday party

Invitations say a lot. For a truly personal touch, you can send invitations written by hand, on handmade paper. Insert them in recycled paper envelopes, and there you go!

You can get a pack of 20 colourful, pretty envelopes below Rs 240 by clicking on this link.

2. A fantastic birthday decoration idea

What can be a better feeling for a kid than to cut their cake underneath a pretty banner that has been made with love?

Ditch those cheap plastic banners and gather leftover boxes, pieces of coloured paper and some string, to make a personalised DIY banner instead.

3. Dress the star of the show like a star

zero waste birthday party

Every child wants to wear the fanciest clothes on their birthday. It’s their day after all and only comes once a year. This year, wrap your little one in chemical-free, sustainable clothes with fun prints, made by a textile designer from NIFT. Check out Miko Lolo’s collection by clicking on this link.

4. We want food!!

zero waste birthday party

We trust you with food choices and depending on the time of the party; you can opt for dry snacks or full meals. If the invitation list runs long, chances are that you would opt for disposable plates. Here are some excellent solutions from the usual plastic options:

5. Label the glasses

zero waste birthday party

Glasses tend to disappear fast in any party, and it doesn’t matter whether they are disposable or made of steel. People tend to put down their half-full glasses, forget about them and pick up new ones, so you cannot ever have enough.

Here’s an easy way to solve this problem⁠—label your glasses! You can use pretty handmade paper for this purpose. It’s a great way to ensure every single one finds its way back to the right guest.

6. Slurping with paper straws

zero waste party straws

The first rule of a sustainable birthday party⁠—make everything optional. So instead of placing a straw in every cup, keep them in one place.

Add a pop of colour to your drinks and party with these cute straws that come in different patterns and cost just Rs 200 for a pack of 100. Click here to get them now!

7. What’s a birthday party without a cake?

Instead of looking for exotic cakes from far-off locations, pick up a cake from your local baker and don’t overestimate the appetite of your guests.

When you are placing an order, inform them that you may have to come back for a set of pastries in case the cake gets over. Do the same with the snacks. There’s no shame in that!

And in case you have leftovers, pack them in dabbas for the guests to take home. Why waste perfectly good food when someone can enjoy it?

Psst… you can also share the tasty leftovers with underprivileged children. Invite them over and have an afterparty with them!

8. Tissue? Don’t make it an issue.

zero waste party tissues

You will need a lot, and we mean a LOT of tissues in a kids’ party⁠—especially if the average age in the room is 10. But instead of paper, opt for bamboo tissues that are just as soft but more eco-friendly.

This pack of bamboo tissues comes with two boxes (2-ply, 200 pulls each) and costs just Rs 260. Click here to buy them now.

9. Ready, set, plan some fun games!

What can be more fun for a group of kids than to play games all day long? Get together with other parents to plan games like tug of war, scavenger hunts, fun quizzes, musical chairs, pin the donkey’s tail etc. (depending on the space you have at your disposal).

Let this be the best party of the year!

10. Return gifts

zero waste party return gifts

Say goodbye to your guests with a goodie bag that not only makes them happy but also gives them something to think about. From steel straws to seed-pencils, you have several eco-friendly options at your disposal.

Also, instead of wrapping them up individually, you can go for gift bags with cute patterns on them. Click here to get a pack now!

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(Edited by Gayatri Mishra)

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