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Men, Groom Right! Grab This All-Natural, Bamboo Kit for Just Rs 780!

Men, Groom Right! Grab This All-Natural, Bamboo Kit for Just Rs 780!

With every step, you can save, or kill the planet. So this green kit for your bathroom is definitely the right choice!

If you have an eco-soul then all the worldwide discussions about climate change would definitely make you question—how can I help? And we love it when you ask that. Although the heads of states across the world have miles to go in various directions to do something about the climate catastrophe, there’s always something that we can do in our own capacity to set the wheels of eco-friendly initiatives in motion.

This time, we are making your morning routine eco-conscious. Don’t worry, we won’t demand you change your habits (yet) but just switch from plastic hygiene kits to bamboo and you are set to conquer the day!

Click here to buy the entire set for just Rs 780!

What is in the kit:

Bamboo men's hygiene kit

Just open the cabinet in your bathroom and see how many products are made of plastic. From your toothbrush to shaving brush to razor and combs – everything has some bit of the eco-harming material. All you need to do is replace it with eco-friendly bamboo and you are already doing your bit for nature.

This kit includes:

  • A bamboo shaving brush – to spread the foam evenly
  • A bamboo razor – to get that clean, smooth look
  • A bamboo toothbrush – for a sparkling smile
  • A bamboo comb – for a static-and-frizz-free hair
  • A tongue cleaner – because who wants to be the person with bad breath?
  • A box of bamboo cotton earbuds – to clean out the wax safely.

All this for just Rs 780! Follow this link to buy the set now!

How will this bamboo hygiene kit help?

Bamboo men's hygiene kit

Bit of math time. Calculate the number of toothbrushes, razors, combs and tongue cleaners you use every year. Twenty perhaps? Add about 50 plastic earbuds. Now multiply this by the number of family members/ flatmates you have.

Does the number now stand at possibly a hundred?

That’s the amount of trash only one house generates. It is easy to underestimate the number because out of sight is out of mind. But, if you take a moment to calculate how deep your carbon footprint goes, you know that every eco-initiative helps heaps.

Switching to a bamboo hygiene kit will bring your number of plastic discards down effortlessly. Since the bamboo parts are reusable and biodegradable, you’ll soon realise how small steps lead to big differences.

Take the step towards sustainability! Buy the kit by clicking on this link.

Why Bamboo?

Bamboo men's hygiene kit

Bamboo is available in abundance in India. In fact, the commercial cultivation of the grass covers 10 million hectares of India. Nearly 8.6 million people contribute in some capacity in the bamboo business – whether in farming, crafting or running organisations that promote the advantages and versatility of this green gold.

It grows fast and supports the livelihood of millions. With a simple toothbrush and shaving brush, you are helping uplift, not just the environment, but also these MSMEs.

Amazing what bamboo grass can do, right? Click here to get the set now!

What about the other parts of the products?

We are not claiming to be perfect. The razor does come with a steel blade and the shaving brush with synthetic hair. However, the battle against eco-harming products has only just begun. The first step is to do away with elements that will stay in our landfills and oceans long after we’ve passed away (every piece of plastic toothbrush ever made is still somewhere in the world – intact and undecomposed!) I am positive that, with time, we will think of more brilliant solutions to reuse, recycle and upcycle more materials.

For now, we fight plastic.

Ready to be a green-warrior? Click here to get the set for just Rs 780.

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(Edited by Saiqua Sultan)

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