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Bengaluru, Turn Your Kitchen Waste into Child-Friendly Floor Cleaners in Just 2 Hrs!

Bengaluru, Turn Your Kitchen Waste into Child-Friendly Floor Cleaners in Just 2 Hrs!

Your teacher for the weekend will be the amazing eco-warrior Priti Rao. This serial composter, bio-enzyme wizard, and water warrior saves 35,000 litres of water in her backyard every month!

Sometimes, a small step can be the launching pad to bigger things.

Bengaluru’s Priti Rao, realised this when through something as simple as waste segregation, she saved over 30,000 litres of water every month. Right in her backyard!

Well, one good deed deserved another and Priti, the founder of eco-organisation Soil and Soul, shares that she went from segregation to composting to making bio-enzyme cleaners.

Today, she stands tall as a water conservation hero for all those who know her.

Want to learn her style of making bio-enzymes? Click on this link to book a place in her workshop!

Some tested ideas, some brand new:

Priti Rao bengaluru workshop

On most days, when Priti stepped outside her home with bins in her hand, she would see the frustrated faces of waste collectors.

Irrespective of the various initiatives that the Bengaluru Municipal Corporation (BBMP) took, some people just did not segregate their waste, and it fell upon the waste collectors to do this work.

On the other hand, the public was still frustrated about the overflowing landfills, plastic choking water bodies and the overall failure to tackle waste.

Priti decided to take the first step in her own capacity.

“It started with one bin. I wanted to take control of the situation and began with segregating wet waste from dry. The dry waste went to BBMP, and the wet waste was turned into compost. In a few months, I had a lot of compost, and as a natural second step, I planted plants on my terrace to utilise it,” she shares with The Better India.

This was ten years ago, but to Priti, it feels like yesterday.

Priti Rao bengaluru workshop

Soon, she had 40 vegetable plants and 10 herbs growing on her terrace, but some were withering while others invited pests.

With a bit of research, she realised that not all wet waste is good for compost. Citrus fruits, oranges and lemons, for example, degrade the soil quality.

But instead of chucking them in the dustbin, she used them to make bio-enzyme cleaners. Today, she uses these cleaners to wash her clothes, and as a way to conserve the water from the washing machine (now devoid of chemicals and microplastics), she placed it in the garden!

“My plants effortlessly get the water they need, and I reduced my monthly water consumption by about 30%. This was one way I knew my small steps are making a big difference,” says the green warrior.

Her methods have been the talk of the town and if you are in Bengaluru, this a fantastic opportunity to learn from someone who has spent a decade perfecting the art of making bio-enzymes. Click here to book your place before the slots run out.

Spreading the news across Bengaluru:

Priti Rao bengaluru workshop

When Priti removed orange and lemon peels from the compost, the soil quality improved by leaps and bounds.

No more withering plants no more pests.

So, she slowly started giving tips to people, in the hope that they too could have a vegetable garden, conserve thousands of litres of waters every day and save money.

“My enthusiasm has never wavered. I am currently working as a consultant with a Montessori school in Bengaluru and helping them adopt ways to make the campus zero waste. This is an on-going project, but only recently, I have helped make composting mandatory in one apartment near Kengeri. Over 250 people reside in this apartment, and they had inhibitions about the process. Through myth-busting and my own example, I changed their beliefs and today, this apartment complex has made composting mandatory in every flat!” she proudly mentions.

Just like Priti, who planted vegetables to utilise compost, such apartments will inevitably do that. Even if not, Bengaluru is abundant with parks and gardens in every locality. The kitchen waste can fertilise them.

You too can be a proprietor of a green initiative. Just join Priti, and she’ll show you how easy it is. Follow this link to know more about the exact location and book your place.

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(Edited by Gayatri Mishra)

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