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Jatamansi: The Secrets of This Himalayan Herb Will Make Your Hair & Skin Glow!

Jatamansi: The Secrets of This Himalayan Herb Will Make Your Hair & Skin Glow!

The short herb that thrives in the Himalayan mountains may just be the traditional cure you were looking for to cleanse your skin & get super shiny hair!

Nothing else is quite as refreshing as a trip to the Himalayas. The fresh air, unpolluted water streams and the pristine wildlife invigorate your body and mind and leave you feeling awesome and raring to go! Now, you can also use the offerings of the youngest mountain range to make your skin glow and your hair shine like never before.

Jatamansi, an ancient herb indigenous to the Himalayas, is here to up your beauty regime.

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What is Jatamansi powder?

jatamansi skincare

Jatamansi, also known as muskroot, nard, nardin or spikenard (Nardostachys jatamansi) is a herb that grows in the Himalayan ranges in India as well as China and Nepal.

The pink-shaped flowering plant grows best at the altitude of about 4000 metres, and that’s why they thrive in the snow-clad Himalayas.

While essential oils made from the bell-shaped flowers are often used as a perfume or for medicinal purposes, the roots are dried and crushed to make Jatamansi powder. Among its various noted medicinal uses, this powder is known to benefit the health and look of the skin and hair.

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What is Jatamansi used for?

jatamansi skincare

Jatamansi has excellent purifying properties that make it an efficient skin cleanser, and it is also used as an essential ingredient in several ayurvedic medicines.

Adding it to a face cream will keep your skin safe from the constant dust and pollution. But if you want to see some real difference, use a Jatamansi face pack regularly and observe the glow magically return to your face!

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Is Jatamansi good for hair?

jatamansi skincare

Absolutely. The Himalayan herb is known to boost hair growth and make it silky soft. The best way to reap its benefits is to extract its oil and use the same to massage your scalp. It is especially helpful in cases where hair has become dry and brittle. Regular oiling helps you reduce dandruff, and this herb goes one step ahead to prevent split ends too.

Jatamansi is essentially a magical potion for all those who are suffering from the ill-effects of constant exposure to dust and air pollution.

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Incidentally, here’s a fun fact about the herb from the Himalayas, all the way from the medieval times. Jehangir, struggling with alcoholism, mixed Jatamansi with honey, saffron and other things to get his alcohol intake under control. One among these “other things” was opium, so, in effect, the Mughal Emperor was substituting drugs for alcohol!

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(Edited by Gayatri Mishra)

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