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This Solar Charger-Lamp Will Power Your Outdoor Trips Non-Stop for Just Rs 1799!

This Solar Charger-Lamp Will Power Your Outdoor Trips Non-Stop for Just Rs 1799!

Going off the grid? Garner the sun's energy to stay safe even during night time!

There are two situations when you really wish for an alternate source of electricity – when the mobile phone dies while travelling in remote parts where electricity ports are rare and during power cuts. Well, what if I told you that you could access solar energy for basics like a light source and to charge your phone – all at just Rs 1799?

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What does the portable solar energy charger do?

Affordable and portable, this pro-200 charger comes with 2200 mAh lithium NMC batteries that, once fully charged, can light up your room and charge your phone for three days. So, say goodbye to discharged mobile phones on rainy days when load shedding is more frequent.

The 2.35 Watt solar panels, with an aluminium frame, ensure that the batteries get enough charge when they bask in the sunshine.

This Rs 1799 model comes with a 5V USB port to charge your phone and the set includes a USB cable with common phone adapters. The lamp comes in three models—a 16-lumen low mode, a 100-lumen normal mode and a 200-lumen turbo mode.

What are you waiting for? Get the solar energy charger now and be safe in your travels. Click to buy now.

Upgrade to a solar energy MP3 player!

sun solar energy lamp

The silence of darkness deafening you? Worry not. Sun Solar has you covered with this Radio+MP3 upgrade to their solar lantern and charger.

This Solar Lamp with MP3 player and radio costs Rs 2,899 and comes in three models—the low 25 lumens, normal 75 lumens and a turbo 160 lumens. Charge the lamp fully and you won’t have to worry about it for the next 36 hours. Fair warning, this charger will charge your device only under direct sunlight. But once you charge it for a day, you can listen to your favourite melodies on an FM channel or plug in your USB/ SD card and enjoy uninterrupted music!

Click here to buy the Boom! Model now!

Go a step further and light up your room with the sun – even at night!

sun solar energy lamp

A clean and renewable source of energy, the sun will help you light up your home when you are far away from a power grid. These solar-powered lamps are one-time investments affording you a 5-year battery guarantee. These lamps are especially beneficial when you go for camping, off-grid businesses or farmhouses that are located away from cities and don’t have a reliable source of power. Check out their lighting systems by clicking on this link.

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