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6 Ways a Dollop of Honey Is the Perfect Boost to Your Workout Routines

6 Ways a Dollop of Honey Is the Perfect Boost to Your Workout Routines

Dehydration, muscle stress and lack of energy- honey has the strength to fight all three, Bee-lieve us!

A workout is much more than just a single session of vigorous exercise. Combined with a nutritious diet and optimum rest, it is a powerful tool to get your body into its best shape.

Whether you enjoy an energetic Zumba class, a hardcore gym routine, or an outdoor sport with your buddies, keeping your body hydrated and well-fueled is absolutely essential.

The next time you workout, throw away that sweet energy bar and ditch the rainbow-coloured sports drink. Instead, add honey to your fitness arsenal to stay active and up your fitness performance.

Click here to explore the many exciting flavours of honey and pick your favourite.

1. A pre-workout boost of energy

Honey for workout

Kick out the sugar for a spread that won’t lead to an energy crash. About 30 minutes (or 1 hour, in case you swim) before you exercise, have a light meal⁠—oatmeal, fruit or milk are great options. Add a dollop of honey to this, and you are ready for the workout!

2. Add a spoonful to water

Honey benefits

Staying hydrated while exercising is not just about drinking water. You need to replenish the energy that you lose as sweat.

Take a hint from Winnie the Pooh, and make sure you add a spoon of honey to your water while refilling the bottle. A natural source of simple sugars, honey will keep up your energy and ensure you don’t feel sluggish or tired while you exercise.

3. Speed up, honey!

Honey for workout

Do you feel your energy sliding down mid-workouts?

Most people do, especially during long-haul exercises like cycling or running marathons. Try consuming some honey at regular intervals. Bee-lieve us or not, the magic potion will maintain your stamina and in some cases also help you increase your speed or strength!

4. Honey helps your muscles heal

When you exercise, you are essentially putting extra stress on your body and muscles. Sure, it’s for the greater good, but we need to take care of the minor damages regularly too, right?

Honey has excellent anti-oxidant properties that prevent radical internal damage and helps your body recover quickly. (Great tip for those leg-days, am I right?)

5. A spoon before, a spoon after

Honey for workout

Exercise is supposed to increase your energy, but what about those days when you feel absolutely worn out and unable to move, after an intense workout? A spoonful of honey after exercise can fix that. It is up to you whether you want to have it with cold milk or “neat.” The natural sweetener is an expert in maintaining glucose levels and will save you from hypoglycemia.

6. For those scrapes and wounds too!

Anti-bacterial and acidic, honey is an excellent addition to your gym bag and can be dabbed on wounds and cuts.

How? Well, organic honey has a pH level between 3.2 and 4.5 which acts as a catalyst in your blood, releasing oxygen and accelerating the process of wound healing. The natural sugars in it draw out water from damaged tissues and avoid pus formation.

All in all, honey will be your perfect workout buddy. Make sure you go for the organic varieties that restore all the fantastic health benefits and don’t compromise on its quality. You can check out a range of these spreads by clicking on this link.

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(Edited by Gayatri Mishra)

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