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Stop Killing Your Plants! Learn to Grow Microgreens, Ayurvedic Herbs in 3 Hours

Stop Killing Your Plants! Learn to Grow Microgreens, Ayurvedic Herbs in 3 Hours

Time to ditch those chemicals. Once you learn how to make your own skin-safe soaps and floor cleaners, you will never want to go back! Hear from two happy attendees vouching for the handmade soaps! #LiveGreen #Lifestyle

Having lived in Bengaluru all her life, 32-year-old Kavya Chandra has seen the fallout of the IT boom, firsthand.

It is easy to feel resentful seeing the neverending construction projects take a toll on the lush parks and open spaces. However, instead of getting bitter, Kavya has silently begun a mission of her own.

Through this, she wants to empower as many Bengalureans as she can to start their own gardens and help her beloved hometown reclaim its original crown⁠—that of the garden city.

Click here to join her in an interactive session on how to grow a garden.

Make Bengaluru lush again, in the luxury of your home!

Cities across India are turning into concrete jungles in the name of development, and Bengaluru is no different.

However, this change is a bitter pill to swallow for people who have seen the city’s tree-lined streets and gardens become construction zones overnight.

“I witnessed green spaces disappearing before my very eyes. We used to spend a significant amount of time outdoors, but this has changed drastically. We have begun to treat the natural world as a stranger,” shares Kavya.

But that need not be the case! You can have a mini garden in your home⁠—whether you live in a bungalow or a rented apartment.

Plants are a blessing that keep giving, and Kavya intends to teach you a healthy way to start your journey in gardening. Follow this link to reserve your slot in her workshop.

What to take back from the workshop

It is not only about contributing to the greenery of the city. In your home, plants act as sound and pollution absorbers that protect you from the outside world. Besides, they can also act as medicine and nutrition bombs in your diet!

“I cover various topics around gardening in my workshop, with a central focus on growing different plants and species for the kitchen and health. Ayurvedic plants that are edible and have amazing effects on the mind and body are my favourites. Just growing and consuming them regularly is enough. The other topics I will be covering is microgreens, easy greens, seasonal vegetables, building a soil foundation through gardening, home remedies, tips and tricks and ensuring that individuals get more involved in gardening,” explains Kavya.

The workshop will teach you how to prepare the soil before planting a seed. This is what Kavya calls, the ‘foundation’ for the plant, as you can grow a healthy plant only with a strong base.

Learn this and more such intricate details about gardening with Kavya. Click here to book your place in the workshop.

Kavya’s “A Green Venture

The Bengaluru native is a double post graduate in climate and sustainability studies. Her research in kitchen gardens and her passion for regreening Bengaluru led her to start “A Green Venture,” an initiative that conducts visits to organic farms, nature camps for schools and urban tree walks. Three years ago, she also started conducting gardening workshops and has helped about 1000 people utilise their spaces for gardening.

“They say that keeping a garden is like keeping a library. You learn so much every day! Experimenting with various plants, learning from other gardeners, visiting farms and nurseries over the years has furthered my motivation to keep at this. Along with growing my edible garden, I started conducting gardening workshops to teach individuals about the ease of growing and keeping healthy and edible varieties,” she says.

Click here to know about the location, price and book your place in the workshop now!

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(Edited by Gayatri Mishra)

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