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Want Plastic-Free Mats, Pads, Soaps Etc.? 5 Wonder Grasses That Are the Answer

Want Plastic-Free Mats, Pads, Soaps Etc.? 5 Wonder Grasses That Are the Answer

Grow grass, cut plastic! It's as simple as it gets, thanks to vetiver, moonj, dharba and such other grasses that can easily replace plastic from our lives

Sometimes the answer to complex questions lies in simplicity. And if the question is, how does one reduce the use of plastic, the answer may be growing our backyards!

Various grasses have always been an excellent resource for us. Bamboo is just one such grass. Moonj, from Uttar Pradesh, Kauna from Manipur and Vetiver that grows in the various marshes and wetlands across India are all excellent materials to make a variety of products- from yoga mats to sanitary pads!

Here’s a list of five of such wonder grasses that are a boon to a plastic-free lifestyle:

1. The versatile vetiver:

Need a good exfoliation? Go for a vetiver loofah. Skin losing out on moisture? A handmade vetiver soap is your answer. Want to pamper your skin after a long day with dust and pollution? A vetiver toner will do the job!

When it grows in the wilderness, vetiver grass is an excellent barricade against erosion. And when grown for commercial use, it can be used to make a variety of personal care products.

You may be familiar with the vetiver curtains or khus juice. Now, discover its potential beyond that!

2. Moonj grass, from the backyards of Allahabad

Traditionally, this grass is used to thatch roofs and make ropes. But as our needs have evolved, so has the value of Moonj. Craftspeople in Allahabad are famous for weaving this native grass into beautiful everyday items. And now you can grace your dining table with pretty coasters made in this traditional form.

Let tea time be a time of empowerment and coasters with a story. Click here to choose from handcrafted tea coasters now!

3. Ever beloved bamboo:

Toothbrush, socks, towels, sanitary pads- you name it, and bamboo does it!

About 5 million tonnes of it are grown every year in India. That means, there’s enough and more to turn it into your favourite clothes (They are super soft, follow this link for more), your eco-alternative to a plastic toothbrush or a comfortable and plastic-free change from ordinary disposable pads!

4. Keep all your eggs in these kauna baskets

Long before plastic took over the industry, this grass was used to weave baskets and bags. United they stand strong and can carry heavy loads.

Odesh, an organisation that works with artisans from the North-Eastern states of India, has a collection of lovely paper baskets, purses, picnic baskets and tote bags made from kauna grass.

Make a rustic fashion statement with these bags that also empower! Follow this link to choose from your favourite grass-kets!

5. A relaxing yoga session on dharba grass

Begin your day in a composed, calm way with yoga. And don’t let any PVC or plastic come in the way of that. Go for these all-natural yoga mats instead, made from the dharba grass.

Handwoven and hand-dyed, this mat is biodegradable, 6 feet long and 2 feet wide. It does not flake, and so nothing is stopping you from perfecting that asana!

Head here to choose from among the meditation and yoga mat that best suits your needs!

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(Edited by Vinayak Hegde)

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