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Delhi, Learn to Grow Microgreens in Just 3 Hours from a Mom Who Sells 500 Pots/Month

Swati Jain, a concerned mother of a toddler, started growing her own microgreens in 3 clamshell boxes. Learn all the tricks from her in this awesome workshop. Sign up now!

Delhi, Learn to Grow Microgreens in Just 3 Hours from a Mom Who Sells 500 Pots/Month

Delhi, like most parts of the country, is readying itself to grapple with the inevitable toxic air pollution with the winter months and Diwali around the corner. But what if you could grow magic plants that help your body fight the aftermath of Diwali and paddy-burning pollution?

Delhi, get ready to learn how to grow your microgreens and fight air pollution from within by detoxifying your body! All in in one day, literally.

Click here to book a place in the 3-hour workshop.

Growing mini-herbs in Delhi to power up the body:

Swati Jain, an urban farmer from Delhi was worried for her daughter’s health. Every winter, Delhi was getting enveloped in dense smoke and that scared the young mother. She soon realised that one way of helping her daughter and her family combat diseases was from within. And since no vegetables or fruits in the market could guarantee to be chemical-free, she decided to grow them herself.

“The beauty of urban farming is that you don’t need big spaces to start. Your home can serve as a wonderful place to farm herbs, sprouts and vegetables. As for me, I started my journey as an urban farmer cultivating microgreens in a couple of used plastic clamshells!” the 34-year-old shares with The Better India.

You too can start small for a big impact on your body. Click here to sign up for Swati’s workshop now!

What exactly are microgreens?

In the simplest terms, microgreens are tiny, edible versions of many vegetables and herbs. Microgreens are cultivated as sprouts of fenugreek, mustard, sesame, wheatgrass etc. In fact, some of these microgreens are 40-50 per cent more nutritious than the fruit or vegetable itself! They are supposed to grow about 2 inches in size and eaten raw – with sandwiches, salads or in the form of smoothies and detox blends.

Microgreens are easy to grow when someone like Swati, who has studied them with passion, guides you. “Some of the microgreens are extremely nutritious but some vegetables, like tomatoes, Rajma, chillies, brinjal etc must never be sprouted in this manner. They may become toxic,” she explains.

Learn from Swati who sells 500 pots of microgreens every month. Book your place in the Delhi workshop by clicking on this link.

What are the health benefits of microgreens?


Mustard, broccoli, wheatgrass and such other microgreens, when consumed regularly, will help detoxify your body. They are highly nutritious and even in small quantities, can be a powerbomb of energy.

But beware, the cut and packed microgreens are not as healthy as the fresh ones. Explains Swati, “The time between cutting the sprouts and consuming them must not exceed a couple of hours. So, it is best to grow them yourself and consume when you wish to. They must be eaten raw.”

Learn about which microgreens are the best for your diet. Click on this link to book your place.

What to expect from the Delhi workshop:

The workshop will be focused on guiding you to grow microgreens in any urban space available at your disposal. Swati shares that if you are growing them only for your family, a plant pot is ample space. You can, of course, scale it up to your preference.

The microgreens activist will guide you on which vegetables can be grown as microgreen sprouts and which should be avoided.

At the end of the session, you can take a grow-it-yourself kit at home, so nothing comes in the way of you beginning your tiny urban farm journey.

Excited? Click on this link for further details about the exact location and to book your slot!

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(Edited by Saiqua Sultan)

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