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Easy Red, Black Rice Recipes: The Taste of the Himalayas in 1 Hour!

Easy Red, Black Rice Recipes: The Taste of the Himalayas in 1 Hour!

Bored of polished white rice all the time? These traditional recipes, straight from Manipur and Uttarakhand, are just what you need to electrify your taste buds!

The Forbidden Kheer:

Cultivated in the rich Manipur soil and irrigated by the unadulterated Himalayan streams, the Black Rice is yet another gem from the land of jewels. This fragrant and heart-friendly variety of rice is a staple of the state and the kheer made from it is a must in every Manipuri celebration. The next time you are expecting guests at home, step away from the usual delicacies and try the aromatic Chak Hao Amubi (As the black rice is called in Manipur) kheer recipe instead.

Keep this Black Rice ready:

The Forbidden rice is not out of reach anymore. Keep this hero ingredient ready before you begin preparations for the kheer. The brand—For8, promises that their rice is rich in fibre and nutrients as the grain retains its outer layer, unlike the polished white rice. Straight from the laps of the pristine Manipur, once you taste this rice, you will keep craving for more.

Buy a pack of 500 gm black rice at just Rs 260 by clicking on this link.



  • Soak the rice overnight. When you are ready to prepare the recipe, drain the water and keep the rice aside.
  • In a vessel, boil the milk. Turn down the heat to low. Continue boiling it on a low flame.
  • Add the soaked rice to the boiling milk and cook it on a low flame.
  • Make sure you keep stirring the mixture. Do this until the milk has reduced to about half the quantity and the rice is completely cooked. The rice should be firm on the outside but soft on the inside.
  • Once you attain this texture, turn off the heat.
  • Add sugar and cardamom powder, mix the kheer well.
  • Garnish with your favourite nuts and dry fruits. Serve the “forbidden” rice kheer warm or chilled.

Ghadwali red rice:

If you haven’t tried the Himalayan red rice recipe yet, you are missing out on its wonderful flavour. Ditch your Sona masuri and Basmati for once and check out the unique and nutritious varieties that the Himalayas have to offer. This sweet red rice recipe is much loved in Uttarakhand and this time. Now it’s time for you to get a taste of the Himalayas.

Keep this ready:

With its outer bran layer intact, the Red Rice is highly nutritious and a healthy alternative to the polished rice. If you cook with Basmati regularly, this variety may look familiar. It is long and slender, just red in colour. Buy a 900 gm of this Himalayan variety at just Rs 320. Click on this link to get your pack.



  • Add the water in a saucepan (preferably with a lid) and bring to boil. Add the red rice and salt to it.
  • When the water begins to boil, reduce the heat, cover with a lid.
  • After the rice is half cooked, add grated jaggery into the mixture. Continue boiling the water.
  • Once the rice has absorbed all the water and becomes tender, turn off the heat.
  • Take off the saucepan and let it cool at room temperature. Add the dry coconut, mix well and cover the saucepan. Once it has cooled further, add ghee to the rice. Serve warm.

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(Edited by Saiqua Sultan)

Recipe sources: Black rice kheer: ãhãram
Red rice: The Indian Express.

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