VIDEO: A Kid saw a poster on the street. What he did next will open your eyes to something beautiful.

Here is how a small kid sees the bigger picture and sacrifices his most prized possession with an idea of changing someone's life. Watch the heartwarming video.

Here is how a small kid sees the bigger picture and sacrifices some of his most prized possession for an incredible idea. Watch the heartwarming video.

Here’s a story of a regular kid. What makes him different is his vision.


He may be too small to understand the actual picture but he has got the bigger understanding.


How innocently he gives away some of his most prized possessions, and for what reason, is something we can all learn a thing or two from.


The eyes might not be his own but the idea surely is. Watch the inspiring and heartwarming video that might touch a nerve in you –

This video was first published by The Free Spirit Project here.

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