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Infections Kill: Delhi Trio Creates Safe, Plastic-Free Pads After Friend’s Death

Infections Kill: Delhi Trio Creates Safe, Plastic-Free Pads After Friend’s Death

Breathable, plastic-free and designed to keep you sweat-free, Laiqa's sanitary napkins are a much-needed respite to women and the environment

When 26-year-old Nazish Mir, a Delhi resident, lost her friend to Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS), she knew she had to do something about period-products.

The fatal condition is caused when staphylococcus aureus or streptococcus bacteria starts releasing toxins in the bloodstream. This bacteria lives on human skin and if menstruating women use super-absorbent tampons or pads they become vulnerable to the invasion of the bacteria.

After the tragedy, Nazish approached her cousin, Amir Ali and friend, Monica Bindra to do something meaningful for in the sanitary hygiene space.

The result was Laiqa—a Delhi organisation which is trying to disprove the belief that disposable pads will always be uncomfortable and are redesigning them to assure ease to the users and less stress on the environment.

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Witness to her teen daughter’s monthly discomfort and rashes, it did not take long for Monica to get onboard with Nazish’s idea.

“I wanted to help not only my daughter but numerous girls and women find the dream pada—gentle to the skin, sustainable and one that does not cause rashes or allergies. Currently, pads, made of and wrapped in plastic, are floating around in the market and all three of us wanted to make these mainstream options sustainable,” she says.

While Nazish and Monica joined the cause for personal reasons, Ali has a passion for a sustainable tomorrow.

“This was the meeting point for me, Nazish and Ali to join hands and come out with Laiqa,” the Delhi entrepreneur shares.

But Laiqa is not just another venture in the market. The Delhi entrepreneurs want to offer you a happy period and it begins with the packaging itself.

“We’ve put a lot of thought into what the consumer should take back from seeing a Laiqa pack. We had some basic rules that we wanted our team to follow,” says the team and add that eco-friendliness was their peak priority.

When it comes to products like sanitary pads which are used and discarded every month, we must take the responsibility of keeping them from harming the environment. Laiqa does so with its packaging with its recyclable and reusable cardboard box and with the pad too.

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Check out the distinguishing features of the pad.

The certified products are free of chlorine, artificial fragrances and most of the plastic that commercial brands use (Laiqa claims that only 7 per cent of the pad is made from plastic which does not come in direct contact with your body).

Additionally, the pads are made to suit the tropical weather of India. The breathable back sheet helps you stay sweat-free and thus avoids the breeding of bacteria.

“Our aim was to bring to India a napkin adaptive of the intense weather conditions in India where it is super hot in summers and super cold in the winter. We wanted to bring to the market pads that guarantee quality, are absorbent, rash free and leak-free – to keep you secure and comfortable. We went the extra mile procuring the best raw materials and changing the structure of the conventional sanitary napkin,” says Monica.

You too can enjoy a leak-free, plastic-free period, thanks to Laiqa. At just Rs 219, you can buy 10 large-sized pads and at Rs 239, you can buy a pack of extra-large pads. Click on this link to get your pack now!

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(Edited by Saiqua Sultan)

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