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4 Easy to Make Diwali Millet Recipes to Make Your Sweets Healthy!

4 Easy to Make Diwali Millet Recipes to Make Your Sweets Healthy!

Add a dash of health and a pinch of nutrition to your favourite Diwali sweets with these mouthwatering recipes!

The much-awaited Diwali snacks bring serious lows on our health chart. Fried, full of sugar and maida, festival food demands sacrifice. As soon as the festival of lights nears, the kitchen is filled with the irresistible aroma of their preparations. This year, you neither have to compromise nor sacrifice! Enjoy crispy chakli, mouthwatering laddu and Malpua all year long. Prepare your Diwali snacks with millet and check the boxes of both health and taste!

Here we present healthy millet recipes of laddu, gujiya, chakli and malpua– four of the most favourite of Diwali snacks.

1. Millet Motichoor Laddu


Vijaya Venkatesh has been helping us reimagine our favourite delicacies with the healthier choice of millet. This Diwali, she shared with us two recipes that we can’t wait to try. The first is motichoor laddu made with multi-millet flour. You can get the flour at just Rs 198 by clicking on this link.


  • 150 gm multi millet flour
  • 150 gm gram flour
  • ½ teaspoon cardamom powder
  • 3 cloves
  • 6 cashews (cut in half)
  • Some turmeric to add colour
  • Water (as required)
  • Oil (for deep frying)
  • Salt to taste

For the syrup:

  • 150 gm powdered palm sugar candy
  • About ¼ cup of water


Image Courtesy: The Millet Table.
  • Mix the millet flour, gram flour, salt and turmeric powder well. Add water to make a thick batter from it.
  • Heat oil in a pan and use a perforated ladle to make boondi with the batter. Fry it. Take it out and place on an absorbent/tissue paper to remove excess oil. You should be able to get about 2 cups of fried boondi.
  • In a 2-litre pressure cooker, add the powdered palm sugar candy, about ¼ cup water and mix well. Make sure no lumps are formed. Close the cooker and cook for 2 whistles.
  • Release the pressure manually and add fried boondi to the cooked mixture. Fry cloves and cashews separately and add them to the mixture, along with the cardamom powder. Mix well.
  • Leave it for about 10 minutes, allowing the boondi to absorb the syrup. Stir a few times in these 10 minutes.
  • Transfer 3/4th of the sweetened boondi to a grinder and pulse it 4 times for coarse grinding. (Just about 5 seconds for each pulse is enough).
  • Transfer this to the remaining boondi and mix well. Add the fried cashews.
  • Grease your palms with ghee and make small balls of laddu.
  • Store in an airtight container.

2. Mixed millet chakli/ murukku


  • 150 gm foxtail millet flour
  • 75 gm rice flour
  • 2 tablespoons roasted gram
  • 1 tablespoon gram flour
  • 1 tablespoon red chilli powder
  • 1 tablespoon cumin seeds
  • 1 tablespoon ghee
  • Oil (enough to deep fry the chakli)
  • Warm water (as needed)
  • A pinch of asafoetida
  • Salt to taste


  • Grind the roasted gram into a fine powder and sieve it further to avoid lumps.
  • Take a mixing bowl and add the powdered gram, asafoetida, cumin seeds, foxtail millet flour, rice flour, salt and ghee. Mix well.
  • Start adding warm water to the mixture and knead it simultaneously. Continue till you get a soft, non-sticky dough.
  • Add ¼ teaspoon of oil, knead well again and cover the dough. Keep it aside.
  • Pour enough oil to deep fry the chakli. While the oil is getting warm, prepare a base of empty oil/ milk packets. Cut them open and place them in such a way that their inner side faces you. This texture is excellent to mould doughs like that of chakli without it sticking to the surface.
  • Take a handful of the dough and fill it in the chakli mould. Press or squeeze it out with the lever, shaping the chakli in the process.
  • Carefully pick up the chakli on a skimmer and let it in the hot oil. Deep fry on both sides until the chakli gets light brown in colour.
  • Place the ready chakli on an absorbent paper. Leave it in room temperature for a couple of minutes and then store in an airtight container.

Psst… If you are too busy to make this millet chakli, we have the delicious snack made for you. Buy 1 kg of foxtail millet chakli/ murukku at just Rs 345 by clicking on this link.

3. Ragi malpua


This recipe requires ragi atta, oats and organic honey which you might want to keep ready before you start the preparations. We have all three for you- all organic, all healthy. Click here to purchase 800 gm of gluten-free ragi atta at just Rs 179.

A 500 gm of rolled oats costs just Rs 165. You buy it for this mouthwatering malpua recipe and then you can get into the healthy habit of eating oats regularly. Click here to buy the pack now!

Head here to buy a 350 gm of organic honey at Rs 189.


For the malpua:

  • 60 gm ragi flour
  • 80 gm powdered sugar
  • 30 gm wheat flour
  • 15 gm oats (powdered)
  • 170 ml of milk
  • 3 tablespoons vegetable oil
  • Fruits- as per choice and requirement
  • For the filling:
  • 2 teaspoons organic honey
  • 30 gm coconut (grated)
  • 2 teaspoons melon seeds
  • 2 teaspoons cardamom powder


  • Dry roast melon seeds and grated coconut for a couple of minutes. Add the cardamom powder and honey. Mix well and keep aside. This is your filling.
  • For the millet malpua, mix the ragi flour, wheat flour and powdered oats. Add milk until it forms a runny paste (you may require a little less or more than 170 ml.)
  • Add the powdered sugar. Whisk the mixture and keep aside.
  • Take the vegetable oil in a flat pan. Dip a ladle in the malpua mixture and pour it in the centre of the pan. It should spread evenly in the pan.
  • Once the batter turns brown and the edges come off a bit, flip the malpua.
  • When it turns slightly crispy (but not too much so the texture allows you to fold it), take it off. Place on a plate, fill in the coconut mixture and fold the malpua. Garnish and serve.

4. Millet Gujiya

This is another tasty recipe shared by TBI reader Vijaya Venkatesh who regularly makes millet dishes. Her sweets and snacks are something we must all try making.

Keep a pack of ragi flour ready for this recipe. Click on this link to buy it for Rs 179.


For the shell:

  • 150 gm ragi flour
  • 30 gm rava (semolina)
  • ½ teaspoon oil
  • Water (as required)
  • Salt (to taste)

For the filling:

  • ½ cup dates (deseeded)
  • ¼ cup coconut (grated and roasted)
  • ¼ cup roasted gram flour
  • ¼ cup raisins
  • ½ teaspoon cardamom powder
  • Oil (as required to deep fry)


Image Courtesy: The Millet Table.
  • Add some water, oil and salt in a 2-litre pressure cooker. Cook for one whistle and turn off the heat. Release the pressure immediately and add the rava to it. Follow by adding the ragi flour. Mix this thoroughly and cover it with the lid of the cooker. Leave this for 15 minutes.
  • Add all the ingredients listed under “filling” in a mixer grinder. Make a coarse powder of it. Keep aside.
  • Kneed the rava and millet dough. Divide it into 6 equal portions.
  • Roll out small discs. Grease the gujiya mould with oil and place the discs in it.
  • Fill one side with 2 tablespoons of filling. Wet the corners of the discs with a little bit of water and close the mould and make sure the edges are sealed properly.
  • Heat oil in a pan. Drop the gujiya one by one in it. When they are about half fried, take each one out and let them rest at room temperature for a while.
  • Once every gujiya is half fried, fry them again till fully cooked. Repeat for all six.
  • Let them cool and store in an airtight container.

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(Edited by Saiqua Sultan)

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