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The 11th Grader Who Made A Robot That Can Walk And Even Pick Up Things By Itself
Akshay with his robot

The 11th Grader Who Made A Robot That Can Walk And Even Pick Up Things By Itself

Akshay Kaushik made a robot from scratch and now his fully functional robot is all set to compete at an international level. Here is all you need to know about this young genius.

What were you doing when you were in the 11th grade? Probably trying to scrape through examinations or working hard to get into the best degree college around? At an age when we were all clueless about which subject to choose as our area of specialization or busy preparing for some competitive exams, this 11th grader is already making world-class robots and going places.

And not just any regular robot, but one which can pick things, compete against other robots and even walk on its own! Impressed? Well, so are we!

Meet Akshay Kaushik, an 11th grader from DAV school, Dayanand Vihar, Delhi, who not only made this amazing robot from scratch but is also hoping to represent India at the World Championship due to be held at Louisville, USA in April.

Akshay with his robot
Akshay with his robot

“I am so excited that me and my team made it this far. It all started with a small robotics competition where our team won the first prize in Delhi-NCR,” recalls Kaushik.

The team’s efforts paid off when they got a chance to represent their model at a similar competition in Mumbai and Chennai after which they were declared the national champions.

The initial competition required Kaushik and his team to make a fully functional robot from a kit which included various parts and materials. After assembling the parts, the team was required to programme it and make it perform several tasks including picking up coins and walking on its own.

“I was the programmer and also second driver of the robot. It was so great that our robot performed the best, it picked up all the coins on time and walked flawlessly,” he says with a lot of excitement.

After being selected as a national champion, the next step is to give a splendid performance at the US competition which witnessed over 15,000 entries from 27 countries in its last edition. The scale of the competition is expected to be even bigger now.


I am so excited to get the opportunity to represent India, it is like a dream come true,” he says. But as the D-day comes closer, Kaushik is worried that he might lose his golden chance to get there and showcase his amazing work at such a large platform.

Belonging to a lower-middle class family, Kaushik’s parents cannot financially support his trip to the US. The total expenditure of Kaushik’s visit will be somewhere around Rs.1,00,000. While his parents have managed to collect enough to fund his accommodation and registration, they are unable to sponsor the airfare.

“I am trying my best to arrange funds for my trip, but nothing substantial has happened so far. I don’t want to lose my chance to go there and meet so many people who are interested in the same thing that I am and who can provide me a good exposure in this field,” he says.

Akshay has started a campaign on to raise Rs.60,000 which will cover his cost of return tickets to the US.

In case you want to support this young genius and help him participate in this lifetime opportunity, you can contribute to his campaign here.

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