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With 6 Pockets, This Rs 165 Bag Makes Plastic-Free Veggie Shopping Super Easy!

With 6 Pockets, This Rs 165 Bag Makes Plastic-Free Veggie Shopping Super Easy!

Reusable, washable and completely plastic-free, this convenient cotton bag fits easily into a fridge and keeps vegetables fresh for longer! #LiveGreen #PlasticFreeIndia

Grocery shopping is a hassle especially when it comes with the heavy baggage of several plastic bags — poison to the environment. Rarely does the chore end with you keeping all the bags in the fridge. The vegetables need to be separated and placed in different compartments to keep them fresh.

Here, we have the perfect cotton grocery bag for you that keeps your green grocery sorted and fresh for a long time.

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How do you prolong the shelf life of vegetables?

Some vegetables, like tomatoes, can last up to a week if placed in the right temperature. Others, like curry leaves, dry and wither in that time. It is also important to understand that vegetables suffocate in plastic bags, which shortens their life. Storing them in a breathable fabric like cotton can keep them fresh for longer.

Also, some fruits and veggies give off gases which can cause others to ripen and rot more quickly. It is better to store them in different compartments to maintain their freshness.

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The best reusable grocery bags

In simple words, these bags make your job easy and don’t add to the plastic pollution.

This washable cotton bag by Karnival is designed to ease your grocery storage. The bag can hold up to 7 kgs of weight and comes with 6 different pockets in addition to the spacious main section. Carry the bag to your supermarket and store vegetables or fruits in different compartments.

The bag is sized such that you can directly place it in the crisper keeping your fridge clean!

The best part is that it costs just Rs 165! Click here to get your bag now!

How do you maintain the bag:

When you see the cotton getting stained, just pop the bag in your usual washing cycle and you’re done!

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(Edited by Saiqua Sultan)

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