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This Rs 500 Kit Will Kickstart Your Dream Garden with Compost, Grow Bags & More!

The journey to a lush garden begins with one plant. And building your garden is now easier than ever, thanks to this all-inclusive kit that's designed for first-timers! #LiveGreen #GrowOrganic

This Rs 500 Kit Will Kickstart Your Dream Garden with Compost, Grow Bags & More!

From the bumper-to-bumper traffic to air pollution prevalent in most, if not all our cities, we are breathing more pollutants than ever. But once we are home, all we need is the R&R that only homes can provide. Ample fresh air, away from all the outdoor contaminants amidst the home-grown greenery that uplifts your mood.

But not everyone has the luxury of having enough space for a luxurious garden. But, thanks to this gardening kit by HomeCrop, you can have your mini-garden even in a small space. A balcony, a window sill or even a plain table surface is enough for you to start your own garden. For first-time gardeners, this kit has all the components to ensure that the plants you sow in it grow healthy.

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Why is gardening important?

Gardening has a positive effect on the ambience of your home. Plants have a unique ability to cool down the air and make the surroundings more pleasant. They will also form a natural protective cover for the dust and pollution around. For some, gardening is also a stress-buster and as you see new leaves sprout and your plants flourishing by the week, you will realise what a wonderful feeling that is!

What kind of soil is best for growing plants in containers?

The soil from your yard does not always have the proper nutrients to nurture a plant. If you use only that soil, chances are that the plant will wither away soon. You don’t want that to happen and so, the best environment for your plant is one that has a good proportion of soil mix and compost (vermicompost is a great way to start and we have included that in the kit)

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How is vermicompost useful?

Vermicompost is hailed as one of the best ways of composting. It’s rich nutrient content boosts the growth and health of your plants. Now, we understand you may not have the space or time to invest in a vermicompost bin. But in this kit, we have included vermicompost for you to kickstart your green journey. Once you get the hang of gardening, you can go ahead and compost all your kitchen wet waste and grow a bigger, lusher garden.

What does the kit include?

This gardening kit has been designed keeping the first-time gardener in mind. We want your first planting experience to be a satisfactory one. The Rs 500 kit includes the following:

  • A grow bag for you to sow the seeds in. The fabric bags are completely eco-friendly.
  • Soil mix so your plant has a healthy, nutritious base.
  • Vermicompost to facilitate the healthy growth of your vegetables, fruits or herbs.
  • Seeds, so the process becomes easier.
  • Instruction manual to guide you from the very first step.

Click here to read more about the home gardening kit and purchase it.

(Edited by Saiqua Sultan)

Feature image source: Shutterstock.

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