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Mumbai, Learn How to Grow Fresh Food in Your Home in Just 1 Day!

Mumbai, Learn How to Grow Fresh Food in Your Home in Just 1 Day!

If the chemicals in your food are bothering you, grow them yourself. And this workshop will show you why it doesn't need as much time or space as you think! #LiveGreen #GrowOrganic #EatHealthy

How well do you know about the origins of those vegetables you cook daily? I bet not many would be able to answer this question with a resounding, ‘I do’. Finding chemical-free fruits and veggies in the market is a difficult task especially in big cities like Mumbai. No wonder then more and more people are opting for self-farming.

Attend this one-day Hydroponics workshop in Mumbai! Click on this link to get more details and book your seat.

With space being an issue in Mumbai, sustainable agriculture like hydroponics and aquaponics is the perfect solution. And city-based Techxellance teaches you how to set up your indoor farm.

Mumbaikars are in luck! This weekend, Techxellence is holding one-day workshops about hydroponics and aquaponics in the city. The co-founder of Techxellence, Rahul Mhaskar, and the core team members – Sameer Pokle, Prasanna Sinnarkar and Akash Parekh will teach you all about the sustainable agriculture methods.


Rahul shares with The Better India the idea behind starting this project. “Our core aim is to provide residue-free produce to consumers. Farming communities are affected by natural calamities, and the land itself is adversely affected by both climate change and human activities like spraying of harmful chemicals. The quality of food is thus spiralling down. Methods like hydroponics and aquaponics provide guaranteed quality vegetables and fruits,” he says.

Here’s what you can expect from the workshop:

  • An introduction to hydroponics as well as aquaponics and how it is an easy way to start farming at home.
  • You will also learn a DIY course on setting up a farm in your house. This will also include a rough outline of how much space and how many plants one needs to satisfy the food needs of all house members. For instance, a family of three will require about 30 plants grown in a 15-square-feet area.
  • You will also get to see how vast spaces are not always necessary to grow a farm. This workshop is set to focus only on edibles. But whether you want to grow only strawberries or a variety of vegetables, Rahul and Akash will provide adequate guidance.
  • You will also be shown how a hydroponics farm can be grown in a commercial state.
  • Techxellance will provide you with a kit to kickstart your farm at your home. The kit is a stand-alone Deep Water Culture system which comes with germination media, net cup, grow media, nutrients, air pump & seeds to grow leafy plant/herbs at home hydroponically.

“We will explain why we need to adopt modern ways of agriculture in the current scenario. Our technology is advancing, and so, growing food must not be left behind. Not only do we as a society, need to grow sufficient food, but we also need to grow good quality food,” Akash shares.

If you are looking forward to growing your toxin-free food at home, then book the one-day workshop right now!

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(Edited by Saiqua Sultan)

All images courtesy of Techxellance.

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