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13 Must-Have & Safe Baby Products That Make Parenting Easy & Eco-Friendly!

13 Must-Have & Safe Baby Products That Make Parenting Easy & Eco-Friendly!

From wooden rattles to reusable diapers, we have curated a checklist to ease the load off your shoulders. New parents, this is a must-read for you! #LiveGreen #Lifestyle

Late nights, early mornings and potty cycles⁠—baby care can become quite overwhelming in the first few months.

And that’s precisely why we are offering our help. Here’s a list that will make your journey as a parent easy, sustainable and affordable!

1. Wet bag:

A wet bag will save you every time the used diaper is too wet or after you use wet wipes. These bags are 100% waterproof and can be zip-locked. Carry this with you every time you step out and rest assured soiled diapers or wipes will not stink up your bag.

2. Rattle rings and teethers:

Why let your young one chew on plastic when we have eco-friendly and healthier options for you? These wooden and cloth rattle rings are made of traditional amigurumi weaves and are safe and fun – in a range of attractive colours.

3. Teething sticks:

Babies can be extremely restless (and chewy) when they form new teeth. These tasty vegan treats are just the solution for letting your baby satisfy his/her irritation while also learning how to eat independently.

4. Baby Safe Laundry Detergent:

Our chemicals need not be a burden on our babies. Ensure that their clothes are washed separately with a baby-safe detergent. This one, made from coconut oil soap, washing soda, borax and baking soda is toxin-free with no petroleum or synthetic fragrances.

5. Organic massage oil:

Massages for newborns are crucial to develop their muscles and bone strength. The giggles you get when you start the oil massages are evidence enough that the baby loves them too! And for just Rs 250, you can go for completely organic massage oil.

6. Adjustable and reusable cloth diaper:

Disposable diapers are costly, generate a lot of waste, and some babies develop rashes.

Instead opt for these reusable diapers, which come with two soakers. Each soaker lasts about 7-8 hours, and the diaper can be adjusted to 4 different sizes.

When it gets soiled, wash it in baby-safe laundry detergent, dry it and it’s good to go!

7. Eco-friendly bowl set:

Refuse plastic altogether when it comes to babies. If the little one is notorious for grabbing spoons and bowls and playing with them, it’s best to be safe with the material. Opt for a spill-free bamboo and silicone bowl set. It comes with a spoon as well – completely safe for the kid.

8. Cotton handloom clothes:

At just Rs 550, you can give your baby a set of soft, comfortable herbal dyed pants and shirt (Jabla and Knicker). These sets are made from handloom fabric that is breathable and safe on baby skin.

In a market flooded with clothes that irritate your baby and make him/her prone to rashes, choose clothes that keep them happy and smiling.

9. Organic soap paste:

For babies that are 2 months or older, you can start using an organic soap paste. With organic essential oils selected specifically to relax the muscles of a baby while also giving the skin a radiant glow, this soap paste will make bath-time fun and healthy.

The skin of a baby is extremely sensitive and prone to dryness or rashes. This paste will keep it moisturised and soft.

10. Baby porridge:

Is your little one ready for solid foods? Opt for the ancient and highly nutritious millet to be his or her first solid meal.

This millet porridge is a 100% organic and natural baby food that is super easy to make. At just Rs 440, you get a pack of two boxes that are perfect for babies over 9 months and below 2 years of age.

11. Baby Swaddle:

Tucking in your young one in an organic cotton swaddle ensures a good night’s sleep for them. This cloth wraps the baby in a warm, secure way and prevents him or her from startling. Until the baby’s internal thermostat kicks in, tucking them in with a swaddle is an easy way to help them sleep soundly.

12. Children’s picture book:

Babies are always fascinated by colours and patterns. If you wish to read them bedtime stories while also introducing them to a world of beautiful colours, you may want to get a collection of picture books. Here’s just the thing for you!

13. Wooden building and stacking toys:

Ever thought about why toddlers love playing with stacking blocks? Well apart from the fact that they are absolute fun, they teach babies their very first lessons in geometry. At the same time, they also develop their hand-eye coordination. Go for baby-safe wooden toys and kick plastic!

(Edited by Vinayak Hegde)

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