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#InternationalLiteracyDay: Gift an Education to a Child with These 6 Essentials!

Not everyone has the power to build schools for the underprivileged. But we do have the power to give a child the gift that keeps giving! #InternationalLiteracyDay

#InternationalLiteracyDay: Gift an Education to a Child with These 6 Essentials!

A large section of the Indian education system is in shambles. While we stand at a 74 per cent literacy rate today, the frequent news of how government schools in villages are struggling for basic amenities, of the rising number of school dropouts, and the low employability of those who complete their education from government schools, is a reality check.

To spread awareness and address this scenario that exists in many nations, UNESCO started International Literacy Day, celebrated on 8 September every year. Although the day is meant to highlight the importance of education to people, communities and societies, we must realise that literacy can be spread through small actions too.

Playing a puzzle with your domestic help’s child, helping visually-impaired students with Braille storybooks, reading valuable stories to young children are simple, but sure ways to promote literacy. You don’t need mega-infrastructure to act towards a more literate world. Small steps count just as much.

This International Literacy Day, why not take the opportunity to educate someone?

1. Storybooks in Braille:

Braille need not be only about instructions in public areas or heavy literature. Beyond Braille is bringing stories, math, and dictionaries in fun books for visually-impaired (VI) children. Beyond Braille are one-of-its-kind picture books that take young readers on exciting and adventurous journeys. With many illustrations, the series bring beautiful stories to life for the VI kids.

2. Puzzles:

Puzzles are fun, interactive and most importantly, teach lessons in geometry, shape and design without being preachy. Gift your child, your niece/nephew or someone needy a gift that keeps giving; a gift of intellectually stimulating puzzle.

3. Deskit:

Children studying in some government schools don’t even have the luxury of benches. They have to sit on the floor, their backs bent over the books they write on. In these formative years, this unhealthy posture leads to spinal and eye problems. Deskit is a revolutionary bag-desk design that protects their vision and back. At just Rs 650, you can gift a needy student the gift of good posture and eyes!

4. Storybooks:

These are not just books. They are experiences that you can share with kids and let their imaginations soar. Every small or elaborate story you tell a young child makes a strong impression in their lives. So make sure that you are telling them stories of value, of kindness and of love. Check out our collection of storybooks handpicked for young minds.

5. Eco-friendly pencils and books:

This gift empowers a person to write AND protects the environment. Don’t let your gift be a burden on the environment. Rather, make the conscious and thoughtful choice of eco-friendly books, pens and other stationery items.

6. Book accessories:

The habit of reading, writing and learning may require external encouragement. So, gift a pretty lamp to help the night-owls read in the dark hours. Gift bookends to a person who complaints that their books get torn easily. Gift colouring kits to those who get bored with monotonous texts. Let your gifts be thoughtful and encouraging this International Literacy Day.

(Edited by Saiqua Sultan)

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