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Had a Sip of Mushroom Tea Yet? You Need to Try This New Rage Right Now!

Had a Sip of Mushroom Tea Yet? You Need to Try This New Rage Right Now!

Like eating mushrooms? What about drinking mushrooms? Here's why it is not just super healthy, but also the perfect therapy for those stressful days! #Lifestyle #EatHealthy

When I first heard of it, I thought Mushroom Tea is a bizarre flavour. But it had successfully caught my attention. Of the many flavours in the tea world, lemon, cardamom, and tulsi are common and frankly, really tasty. So I realised there must be a specific reason why Shiitake mushroom made an entry into the world of green and black tea.

Shiitake Mushrooms, native to Japan, have made a mark in India for their medicinal properties. An added bonus is their meaty texture and buttery flavour making them delicious additions to pizzas, salads and soups.

As for the goodness inside, then this edible fungus is packed with antioxidants and is a rich source of Vitamin B and D2. 100 gram of raw mushroom contains 90 per cent water, 7 per cent carbohydrates, 2 per cent proteins and the best, 1 per cent fat!


Shiitake mushrooms are versatile organisms. Even growing mushrooms is gentler on the planet as they require less water, less energy and do not have a large carbon footprint. One needs a cool, dark room, decaying wood logs and patience to grow Shiitake mushrooms. They need little else.
The popularity of Shiitake mushrooms in India can be proven by the fact that several Indian farmers are successfully cultivating them commercially and earning good profits!

Today, there is “much room” for the mushroom on the Indian platter. And its latest conquest is tea—perhaps the most intriguing and equally healthy variety of it.

It is a universal fact that black and green tea are a healthier choice of beverage. If you replace just one cup of your everyday dose of java with green tea, herbal tisanes or infusions, you will soon see their benefits on your skin, hair and even energy levels.

And if your tea is loaded with the amazing benefits of Shiitake then you have taken your mid-day cuppa a notch higher. And instead of going in search of pasta or pizza offering you Shiitake mushrooms, you can have a taste of it from a bottle of its tea right on you kitchen shelf at just Rs 300!

Mushroom tea comes with great news for high blood pressure patients. It absorbs excess salt from the body and consequently, reduces stress and anxiety.

If you are one to experiment with varieties of tea OR mushroom dishes, this awesome tea could be your next adventure. Try it for its taste, nutritional value or just for the fact that mushrooms leave a very faint carbon footprint as compared to several commercially produced teas in the market. In any way, you have a treat laying ahead of you!

(Edited by Saiqua Sultan)

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